Wednesday, December 31, 2008 I come.

I'm putting a closure to 2008 and opening a new diary of 2009..realize it or not, another year just flew by, yet not much have i achieved during this entire year.

setting another resolution after another seems like a futile effort since last year's resolution is far than being called "achieved" this year,I'm just gonna set only 2 resolutions...

1. study harder (and not only last minute)..but too late to do it for this upcoming finalterm exam.

2. be thrifty...ive squandered a lot on unnecessary things.. I think it's time for me to take a step back and spend like a poor does.

hope I can achieve these two easy-to-say,hard-to-do things..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am charmed

I am hooked with this old "charmed"series which i kinda left hanging years ago...
I slept late at 5am, I didnt shower, I didnt do anything but watching it like i was charmed!

it's not really the new episodes coz i just found out they've reached the final episode quite some time ago..which pan out quite well to me coz I dnt like waiting for each incoming episode and most producers just stopped their series halfway when it's not lucrative no more. So I prefer one that has a solid ending.

only problem being is that exam is just around the corner.. why is it always to be in this kind of time..I only have this compluse of watching series just when exam is coming...

and my results for mid term is not really good..and i've booked ticket back to Malaysia earlier than it's supposed to be, sparing me from taking the remedials if there is any failed paper..

I know.....I know....all the more reason to not recapture all the series now and hit the books...but really i Just cant...maybe i was casted a spell..
So if someone could help me annul the spell and cast some sense into me...that would really help..

I beseech thee
the power of three
to make me study
to score paper and go back happily know what they say...just make it rhyme n you've got yourself a spell..

Lame??naaahhh...who cares

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jakarta 2

mm...i've talked bout the food, now I'll cover the places
there are several gigantic malls here that offer things that are not all available in Malaysia
since there is a lot of malls, im just gonna name out the best few
Pondok indah mall

Senayan City near to Senayan Plaza
Pacific Place...havent been there yet
Plaza Indonesia, which is very near to Grand Indonesia

the arrangements of the photos are bit askew but you get it, dont you..

then, i also went to the coolest party ive ever been..
it's a private birthday party held by the Jakarta's held at the rooftop of this glass building...
when i walked into that very pasty, I stunt in awe...the set, the people and the's just like the things we see in tv..Hollywood style.. not gonna go to the boasting part, but I'm telling you, i got to meet some of the celebrities such as Shanty, Ratu, Titi kamal, Farhan, Christian Sugiono, come my name got in??wahahaha....

Jakarta...I miss u already

A little trip to jakarta was really,really eciting..i've never this excited since my last break in Malaysia.

Yes, i went to jakarta for a few days, staying with Lan at his kosan at Bintaro. Living cost in Jakarta without a doubt exorbitantly high but every single cent i spent was all worth it..

No, I didn't really shop..coz when i went there, ive already decided to focus more on food than clothes. so I tried a whole lot of new things and some of the best that i long havent had.

Frozen yogurt at Sour Sally..the best yogurt ive ever have plain frozen yogurt with selections of toppings; fruits and biscuits..anything..just name it..
the combination of predominantly sour, sweet and salt and umami are just in right amount.

aand Kin No Taki's seafood spicy friends said it looked like maggi mee....well, despite the look, it tastes good...but not something tht i would "wow" ..
and krispy kreme know there is a level where that is it...So, I might just say, it is at par with doughnuts....Ringo's are not bad either...

and then I tried Cold Stone Creamery's ice cream; peanut butter cup perfection..the name speaks for itself..the salty creamy peanut butter blends perfectly well with the milky chocolate ice cream...such a treat to the tongue with occasional crunches of oreo, is there??not sure, but sth crunchy sure thing was in.. mm...thinking bout it already is mouth watering

and my all time favorite: secret recipe's chocolate indulgence cake..yes, an indulgence indeed into a sinfully delicous cake..

and after got back to bandung, when I was lying idly in the bed, content with all those scrumptious food i had, I suddenly aware of my WEIGHING SCALE giving me an evil look...
waaaaaaaaaaaaa.........I put on weight..

Monday, December 15, 2008

sex education??!!

i ran A LIL BIT late to class today...
I woke up early actually, Im not quite sure what made me late??mm..?? cant put my finger on it.

mm...glad to see my tutor is the lenient one..phewh~
It was quite a tricky topic coz we had a similar one last week..which is Diabetis Melitus(henceforth DM)..
I dnt know how it started but the doctor suddenly brought up about DM can cause impotence. I don't really get the mechanism either but it has something to do with Dm patients have more viscous blood that potentially will clog, so the penis is left unsupplied with bloood, thus ERECTION FAILS!! and the doctor added more bout how the capability to "do it" is really important in a man's life..A man's life is worthless if he can't "do it"..

one thing led to another, all of a sudden, we were discussing bout sex for one good hour.
he told us more about sex, lemme share some of the facts with you which some of them, you might know of already.
1. size doesnt matter. what really matters is your game. because why, the g-spot isn't too far away from the surface of the vagina, so having longer penis doesnt make a difference..
but he didn't talk much bout circumference.I peronally think it's important coz if it's too thin, then u can't really feel it...wahahahaha(evil laugh) better pudgy than slender..wahaha

2. try to venture into all kind of styles..missionary, doggy and the one I newly heard "cat stylle"...I dnt know, maybe you rub on her stomach or tickle it with whiskers till she purrs?? i can ever come up with this skeevy thought??..
p/s:I'm not a pervert!!!

3. if the girl is on top, then it's easier for her to reach climax coz she is the ACTIVE one. (quoting Tyra Bank's america's next top model theme song "you wanna be on top?!!!" ....juggling...
and for guys, he can reach climax and ejaculated and remain quiscent for another 15-30minutes, then he can come again. but for girls, she can go on and on, sustaining her orgasmic phase depending on the her super partner.

4. women usually undergo menopause around the age 45-50 but guys can get a woman pregnant even he's 80 years old. Menopause can cause loss of taste sensation, So, if your neighbours' or friends' cookings are too salty or too sweet, that means, she is throng of memories just ran by..hehe..

5. women take longer time to reach orgasm. So that's where foreplay is important. that's why we can see some guys put a lot of effort and go thru a whole lot of trouble just to make the girls happy. and it's none other than to get laid~mmm...

Actually only the main points are scientifically true..the side sory is just to make life more colorful...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jatinangor gave me the blues..=(

check out my new hairdo..I look like an idiot..
I'm actually doing you all a favor by not putting it up here.

I've already got bad feelings when i stepped my foot into that wrecked salon..
my excitement to get a new haircut suddenly turned into a nightmare when i saw the guy who was gonna do my hair..
he looked like Golemn in Lord of the ring...
when he started grazing my hair, I could already smell his smoke-stinky fingers..I cringe to the thought his stinky fingers are all over my hair..EWWWW

then Istarted giving instructions how my hair to be done..I admit my Indonesia language isnt that good but so far when I communicate with my Indo friends, they could understand...but this stylist just simply nodded even tho he didnt udnerstand what I wanted...and when he asked me in his simplified version of Indonesia language which by the way made it even harder fo me to comprehend, he actually irked me to the max. I just felt so annoyed throughout the haircutting time.

I wanted my hair to be trimmed short at the side and as for the back and the front are cut not too's supposed to be longer in the middle, so i can style it like from the side, it's mounting to the centre...get the picture?

but he cropped it tooo it looks like frigging army crew cut!!!Damn it!!I shouldn't come to that crappy salon in the first place..I should have believed my instincts..and now, no turning back!!

and I'm also worried bout my body..It's getting tummy popping, my butt's like everything went the opposite of what I confidence really plunge to the ground..Any comment will just shatter my self-exteem. I was all gloomy when I had lunch with my friends..sorry guys.I couldn't help it..for now, I just dont like myself...=(

Thursday, December 11, 2008

image of the future

I always daydream bout how my future life will be my future bachelor pad, my 2door convertible mini car, my fabulous single urban young executive know, things like that..

hey, I bet everyone does it ok..

so lemme start off with my future place to live..I think being single, apartment is the best're still young at that time, spending most of your time outside, building your career...the last thing on your mind will be mowing your lawn, worrying bout tidying up spacey double storey a condo unit sounds perfect..with a zen and minimalist of interior design touch, yr pad will be the most suitable place to soothe your mind after a hectic and frenzy day at work...

next would be cars

living in a busy urban area, horrendous traffic, small parking bays, a small yet sleek car is IT!!

imagine yourself horsing around with this....isn't it just a lady/even guy magnet?

Aston martin coupe I going too far here??hehe...hey, it's a dream..just let me be for this one, k?!

please dnt forget how you present yourself...don't be like some all those old chinese guys who are millionaires but wear wife-beaters, with shorts and slippers...If you're old and are trying to pull off "im rich but down to earth" look, then go ahead...but to me, that is not down to earth, that is just scruffy..

you dont have to wear all the designer's labels to look good....just throw on something that suits the place and time.....

work- shirt and slacks...u're young,indulge in colors...not for pants though

dinner- shirt and jeans or formal attire for formal function...I think you know better than me, im not a fashionista

malls- jeans and tee are always the safest choice

oh, and gadgets...

to complete all the above, we need chic gadgets tht in accord with yr personality.

and I think ones tht match me is round-edged, white and simple type of gadgets..

for instance for laptop...

mobile...(elegant black, solid white,metallic silver, sexy red)

but again, all these are just mere dreams, but who knows it will come true someday...amin..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


mm...I havent finished my pedodontic lab for space maintainer, havent done radiolgy presentation and havent read for Li tmr...and now I'm chatting..hahaha

ok, now i have a teka teki for you
"dalam banyak2 pokok, pokok apa orang takut sekali?"

just my cogitation

When I read my friend's blog bout the Malaysia's fatwa concerning yoga, which considered sinful for muslims, I felt so frustrated...

now people will think that Islam is a confining religion..simply promulgating this is a sin and that is and that is...

we're living in the 21st century where I think most civilised people are at their best conscience...they would know how to differ a plain exercise and those related to worshipping or chanting..
ok, fine..maybe there are yoga in India or wherever somehow got chanting element in them, but I'm pretty sure not in Malaysia, at least not the one practised by public people, n not knowing bout it.

Things are fine they way they are...why some people having so much time to revise all this and make nonsense promulgations. The extemists sometimes ruin it for us. "Ini tak boleh, Itu x boleh"..

Don't you learn psychology? the more you restrict, the more rebellious people would be. It's human nature.

i'm not perfect enough a muslim, since I dnt comply to ALL the rules but I try my best not to do the don'ts especially that can bring harm to other people. and I think I'm better that those who self-proclaim themselves as God's crusaders and manipulate the facts for their own ends..

like this guy"S" once said that whenever there is a politic party bringing the name of Islam, we're subject to follow...and he relentlessly sticking up to his arguement tht dont hold even a drop of water ( die la..simply modifying idiom to my own satisfaction)
what the hell!
the other parties as far as I'm concerned are not against Islam nor bringing down Islam..They are fighting in terms of national policies for the better. On the contrary, that certain party is at fault for USING the name of religion, that they are in holy crusade and arbitrarily labeling people who did not follow them as "kafir".

im kind of going a lil here and there now...haha..bottom line is..If you want to practise yoga as an exercise,quoting Nike." just do it"..

Monday, November 24, 2008

rasa nak perantuk kepala sesapa kt dinding

laptop rosak, so xde update...


*bengang gile sampe malas nak tulis lam English*

Saturday, November 15, 2008

my weekend

mm...exam could be said "just over" I'm still on my hiatus mode..

I thought of finishing all the series and movies that hve been put on hold for exam..again, not to study but the guilt!! my 3-year-old laptop somehow now can only read only a few dvds..maybe the laser is less sensitive or..mmm...I don't know..So i think i need a TV.and Yea!!..ive got a new tv..just a normal 17inch tv,branded friends burst into laugh everytime i said the brand.. Damn you people!!

the next day after exam, we had a jalan2 again..and at night, we went to have our dinner at this restaurant at PUNCAK. it's a very popular place..from the top, you could see the whole view of Bandung..or so the rumors go..but we didnt go to the top..we went to this place called "COngo"..the food is nice.. I rate this place 4/5..whoever comes to Bandung has to go to this place..there is a few other restaurants like "the view", "the valley" friends said they are all nice...

and yesterday, me and friends went to swimming pool at BGG(we went at 10am!!!can you imagine how we're bathed with the scorching, blazing hot sunray!!but since we're there already, so we just decided to dip anyway..consequently, I'm sunburnt!!!waaaa!!!my shoulders hurt and red!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wish list in the future

When i have nothing to do, I tent to be drown into reverie of what my future life would be like...and I'm sure you do the same thing too..
Among those things that im gonna get when i can afford them and hopefully soon is a computer that none of my kindred relatives have...and that leaves only "the idea of surfing internet on the tv/plasma tv"

with the help of this device(below), it is now feasible..I'm not gonna promote this thing to least not unpaid..
and a "laser mouse"'s not like other optic mouses/mice??..

and a laser keyboard...that can project the keyboard to almost any surface..
Yes, I can already sitting on japanese cushion behind the coffee table where the laser keyboard is projected at, and surfing internet...sigh~..when will I get a chance to bask in luxury life like this...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Am i unlucky or I'm just not lucky?

A lot of things happened today...I had to go to BAndung town to have my tooth x-rayed. when i went there, they were on a lunch make it worse, since it was friday, they got 2 hours I had to wait and wait till i realised I dnt have the reference letter with me. So going there would be a total moo point.
How could i forget bout it when the whole point of going to bandung was to do that!!!!I felt so stupid...But then again, it was an honest mistake coz I was in rush and had just finished asnwering 103 tricky questions of MDE paper.
actually, i could've told them which tooth to be radiographed...i'm a dentistry student for crying out we need all the formalities?, my dental treatment has been delayed for 2 weeks..all because of that frigging x-ray that I couldnt do asap coz i was in the middle of exam week...and now the dentist said there is food impaction and my gum is swollen...this is just great!!

and what did he do??gimme floss!! comment on that..

Alas, I went to the Roger's to have my legs waxed..and to make my day more eventful, they had limited tools,, so I had to wait for the customer in-serve to finish, then it'd b my turn. Apparently, my precious time is meant for waiting!!

To kill time, i went to the factory outlets store(Episode)..i didnt plan to shop but a miser I am as claimed by WC, I bought 2 items.see.. Im not really a a matter of fact, I'm not at very extravagant.I bought myself a tee and a boxers.
and I did it again, I didnt bring my member card..thus no 10% discount..

So a conclusion that i could draw from it:

chief complaint: didnt get to x-ray and didnt get discount
anamnesis: didnt bring reference letter and member card
intraoral examination : swollen gums
extraoral examination : waxed legs
diagnosis: DEMENTIA
treatment: ???anyone knows??

Thursday, November 06, 2008


okay...who am i to talk about relationship..I've never been in a serious one before and dont think will be in any for the time being...not that I don't want to, but the condition and situations hampered it.

Actually, having a relationship with someone wasn't big a deal to me..Plus, looking at those couple, being with each other 24/7 made me ponder "arent they smothered?arent they bored?" with the same person again and again every time. but as time passes by, and when "biology" gets to me(huhu), I now can understand the need for a boyfriend/girllfriend.

yet, I'm happier being single, untied by anyone, free to do whatever I like, no restrictions whatsoever only if I have more friends to enjoy that with...
but now, I'm in Indonesia, lack of friends..some of which have already couple and even married. To top it off, even friends who are single and once said would stay together no matter come what may, now dishonor their words by ditching their friends for something better..scandal, perhaps?? and now you tell me, how could I not feel longing for a company?I don't think it bodes well for our friendship if they keep on like this.

and having a partner is exactly the right remedy for above...say, you were ditched by your friends, you still have the very person to go to, someone who is "devoted"to you, someone who actually enjoys being with you as so you feel bout it. And maybe it's time for you to ditch your certain friends that only later would realise that scandals are just temporary detour of your life whilst friends are for lifelong...

ive been asked a lot "do you have a girlfriend?not less asked "do you have a boyfriend?"...well..all questions are well received and none offence taken, and with decorum, a gentlemen guy that I am, would answer " I prefer finish my studies first"
...and god knows and my close friends also know that it's nothing more than a BULL SHIT!!

then what?what am I waiting for??call it cliche or classic but im waithing for the right one to appear before me. and by "right", I dont mean perfect or ideal but tolerable and as in malay saying "sedap mata memandang". Ergo, i dont simply couple up with anyone who tried to flirt with me.with them, friends, yes.flings, yes.serious long term realtionship, NO.

and answering question about long distance have very little faith in that..I might try but i wouldn't count on type of guy that needs constant love (not sex). need to renew or refresh our love everytime we meet...and long distance kinda make it hard for me..and I can say I'm talking for most of my friends abroad isnt exactly "fun"..especially in a developing country that you have less people that you have possibilities to be with..get what I mean?trying to be subtle here..huhuhu

Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm lazy and lonely..=(

I just finished 5 or 6 papers and next week i have SOCA(find out yourself what's that)and other 3 papers...

i thought i deserved a break...So thursday i dint study and went to Jatos to blow off some steam!!
Friday morning i woke up with a little determination to study but I went to comic rent store and I was hooked there for 3 hours reading "Prince of Tennis" and "Dragon Drive"...(yes., im a comic freak..only anime and chinese kungfu america superheroes crap comics)

In the afternoon , i went to Hema's room, watched "the ugly betty" before going to jatos again to eat..and had a LITTLE chit 2 hours..little eh??..then went to send HEma back, and stuck at Ira's room for another hour..the topic is still revolving around "life and future partner"
yes..I'm single...actually i think being single is more'd post another entry about relationship ok!!dont worry..ill bore you to death with it..

when i went back to my empty room, i felt so lonely...I sometimes have "lonely-disorder" especially around exam time...I tried to read but my mind was on something's like my eyes are focussed on the paper, and im reading it but when ive finished to the last sentence, I didnt know what i was's like my brain couldnt imbibe anything ..So I started from the beginning and so it perpetuated again and again..and it took me one good hour to finally realise that it was futile to continue doing so...

So here I am, in the cyber cafe since the internet connection in my house was on off,on off,on off. and with that, my rp125,000(monthly internet fee) flying away in vain. this didnt happen only today but its been 2 weeks..ok fine..rp62,500!

I'm so pissed off..I dnt know the specific,particular reason y im pissed off but i just am...everything seemed awry lately...nothing was right..=((((((((((((((

anybody pliss cheer me up, help me, talk some sense into me, help me putting myself together...sigh~

Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Britain

Im currently addicted to this british komedy sketch "little britain"
it never fails cracking me up!!

when S first told me bout it, I was like "must be some sort of silly jokes a la MR.Bean embellished by her"
I, in the beginning was just watching for the sake of pleasing her at the moment.(you should see the efforts put by her on trying to get us to see the show) but then I JUST GOT's bloody hilarious!!

I personally like the episodes of "fat fighters and any episodes involed Margaree...MArgaree is an indian lady living in britain. but whenever she speaks, this Vicky Pollard always discriminates her n pretends that she doesnt understand what margaree says..I know it doesnt sound really funny here, so you should just watch it yourself..

Her phlegmatic expression, her over pronunciation and the scripts are all funny...
and to make it even better, u must watch it with you have something that you can do, as in impersonating her and yr friends would get it( main ajuk2).

ok la...need to take a siesta (hehe, WC would know y i laughed)...bye

i have mid term test for 2 weeks.wish me luck, amigos!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

dinner at jakarta

it's just a dinner to welcome high education minister and somekind of "ramah mesra" with the students Bandung party consist of a bus-full of students had a long boring trip to jkta..that sluggish bus took around 3hours to reach there..

scenery of Jakarta

that's dayah...isnt the guy next to her a catch??..the dinner took place at Sahid Jaya Hotel..the hotel was nice and least, i thought so
half filled ballroom as most of the jakarta students have arrived yet..
bandung delegation...eceh...hahaha

Moestopo uni students...actually, Malaysian expats who work here are also invited but they werent told much bout the activities and programme..and among who sat in our table is a couple who turns out is the GM for petronas branch here and another young guy who Im not sure work as what but for sure, nothing superior than the old guy...the old guy was nice and really friendly...but the young guy, was relatively very snobbish owing to his age and profession. Gimme a break!!

he didnt even say a word to us..n he talked with the old guy in english..oppsss...rephrase"stuttered english" and said "if,if i knew this ff,function includes students, I wouldn't have come"...WTH
if u dnt like it, just straight away buzz off when u first notice there are hundres of students in front of you, not mooch off the free food and made a fuss bout the students.the event itself would have even occured if it's not for the students.he ruined the mood...Goddammit!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oral Radiology class??

For oral radiology class, apparently we have to go to Unpad campus at Sekeloa, Bandung. As this is the first time, and coincidentally in fasting month, so we planned to have a big dinner/fastbreaking at the town..

So we rented a car, went to class for 2hours and spent the rest of the day frolicking at Bandung.hehe...After a long survey covering almost the whole Bandung, we finnaly decided to have dinner at Hanamasa.

It's located at Jalan Dago and just opposite to Plaza dago.Plaza Dago is a hang out rendezvous for youngsters. It looks happening, aint it?

Hanamasa is a buffet style steamboat/barbeque style restaurant
here that offer mainly japanese food. and for only Rp85000(RM35.00), we get to savor myriad choices of food from Hors d'oeuvre, entree to dessert.

salad bar

barbeque stufffried stuff
for steamboat

me: satiated face....Hanim: ???still could smile?? Seriously, I could have vomitted coz was too full!!
On our way back, we had a detour at BSM...i've always been wanting this "mirror stickers" since I saw them at sureen's house...Unfortunately I dont have any art value in me that I couldn't arrange them sad...hopefully someone artistic would come n help me

ME putting so much effort to publish this pathetically arranged mirror stickers!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

new resolution

My results for last semester isn't reallly good and I'm very dissapointed.So here I am, just like last year came up with a new resolution which is to STUDY HARDER!!!

It is so easy to say it but when I have leisure time, study isn't really what i am doing...i'd be going out instead, or surfing internet like what i'm doing at this very moment...or just lying idly in the bed daydreaming..

One of the measures taken to make this work is I've already deleted some of my webpage accounts..the ones for meeting new people.I assumed that I don't need those.Maybe after I finished studying, I could venture in that webs again to get to know more new people.

Right now, Im very sad and unease coz some of the rumors I heard about faculty programme. I just could pray and hope that everything will be fine and as planned.

let the faculty and the responsible party work on that.

My job is to get back on track and focus..So, from now on, I'll be more hardworking..Hope my dear friends will help me enduring the hardships throughout the journey.

bday lagi

to Ira for a cute teddy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


my English is not getting better but deteriorating...I don't blame anybody but myself because lack use of it....
but I'm not entirely at fault here, I don't really have english-speaking close friends...only regular ones who i seldom talk to..
and now my spoken english is almost like, god forbid, kampung people..waaaa!!!!!

It's been 2months i rested at home without going out much with friends...
I noticed that I stutter in speaking during tutorial class..

speaking of tutorial, I had an argument with one of my classmates 'bout the learning issue that i'm accounted to do..It is so obvious that it is unnecessary but still she persisted me on doing it...and she said that the lecturer told so but i paid full heed during the tutorial(believe it or not), and i never heard a word suggesting to include that topic in the learning, what I understand was that topic is not important and irrelevant to the case..but she just played ignorant, selfish, and officious..other groups didn't do it..why must we??

ngok tol!!ni nak marah niy

bday lagi...21 years old..

This is so's a calender..thanks Sya...the duck's expression resembles wan ching though...wahahaha

the biggest gratitude to Sara.What a very thoughtful gift especially when she bought it back in Malaysia about a month ago or so. and it's quite pricey for a student...*tears of joy and removed shedding*

and this is actually the first time my birthday is celebrated...and as for gifts, this is the second time I got gifts other than last year coz my family dont really celebrate birthdays...So, all the wishes and presents kinda new to me and i have to say tht I like getting presents...wahaha...well, who doesn't...

Now I'm officially 21 years old...
I'm fully fledged to enter the clubs
i can vote for election
mmm..what else...most htings are already legit for me when i turned 18...
i once told my dad that when I turned 21, I''m off his grip and able to do things as I like...and he retorted" tengkorak kao!!"'s not like i want to do drastical still the old me=)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Virgo BOY =p

During the lab, the girls asked all of us to have a dinner together at Paparons Pizza...Im not really a fan of pizzas but the togetherness tht counts...So, since it was already nighttime and i didn't plan to stay long, took out something shabby from the rack n went out at 645pm...

we had dinner as usual till one of them excused herself n came back with these cute bear-shaped cakes...they are so cute...thanx for the cakes... I knew my birthday is not till tomorrow, that's why it took me by surprise when there was a celebration tonite..usually, they would just sing "happy bday" in class, and people wishing hppy bday and so the awkward day passed by since the not-really-close people also came n there we go with the small talk.

there were 4 of us who were born in September, me(10th),Wei may(4th), Sara(13th) and Sya(13th)I'm happy because most of my close friends are there...(from left: ira, sureen, hema, me)

and thanks for the presents....I really like the sweater..I straight away tried it on when I got home..thanks Iqa n Fiqah..suka sangat!!tahu2 jer saiz aku..of course la "S"...lalalalala

and the ratatouille keychain is cute..thanks Gee...kepada gee" aku tgk tikus gediks ni, insyaAllah aku teringatkan mu..gelagat pun lebih kurang dah"hehehe
lastly, thanks for those who made my day...and so, I called it a night...zzzzz
eh, havent read for case presentation tomorrow...Dammit!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rumah Makan Raja Melayu

yestesday,a friend of mine from Malaysia came down to Bandung to shop as Hari Raya is just aroun d the, he gave me a call and invited me for fastbreaking together..

So, he said tht we would eat at this restaurant named RM Raja Melayu.I got lost on my way there...

It's a nice place with nice ambiance..i rate the place 3/5..

it's located at Jalan Citarum, near to Jln Riau and masjid Istiqamah..