Monday, July 31, 2006

Terengganu Education Fund

Money is everywhere..Terengganu Education Fund(TEF) helps its students by giving some money to them whenever they want to pursue their studies to next level...and i want to further my studies to degree level in university so I am fully qualified to apply for that money..and now is the third time i got money from them..the first one when I wanted to go to residential school and I got RM500 and to matriculation college, I got another RM500 although I jz stayed there for three weeks and I chow and went to KUTPM..And Now to university I got another RM1000..Alhamdulillah...actually im not even real rakyat Terengganu..I was born in Perak and lived there for 9 years ..only in 1997, I moved to terengganu..That's why years ago, when i wanted to apply, I didnt put high hope as might be I wasnt qualified but now looking at the money i got, I believe im now fully-fledged rakyat Terengganu after almost 10 years living here and can apply for anything that they offer. Before i applied for that money, I met one of my friends, HAzim who is also from Terengganu...and he said based on his conjecture that TEF doesnt help students that are going overseas(he and his fallacious arguement!!)..I was stunted and somewhat perplexed..TEf itself send students to overseas, so why dont they help other students that will be studying abroad under diff scholarship..But then, i thought, come what may, it worth a i leave it to my dad who has settled up everything yesterday and he got the money on the spot....

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sayonara amigos

i shall not forget all my friends in Kutpm especially Group A. After we passed through the thick and thin together..

And my BEST friends....Iggy and Aaron . Good luck BOTH OF YOU in your respective future undertakings

and grouchy yet kind-hearted stephanie and lovely, sensitive suzanne..and pok-pek Raja

and the others....I'm gonna miss you all

to all India bound students..How is India??

and to russia bounds, i wish u all the best,

seems like everybody that was split into two groups b4(India and Indon) have gone to several directions now( JAkarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Bekgaum, Mannipal, Russia and bla3x) even though our bodies are drift apart, our hearts remain together..*dont pple die when their hearts r not with them* but this is the miracle of friendship....aiyo.. I was saying it figuratively laa!!

whatever it is, *GOOD LUCK*

Saturday, July 29, 2006

details of the flight

My flight will be on 22nd/8..and the the flight is at 9am but Jpa wants us to be there 3 and a half hours earlier and that would be at 5.30am..but after some bodek2 with cik Intan she agreed tht the rendezvous will be at 6am at KLIA..we're supposed to garb in prim attire plus blazer if im not mistaken..why dont they just ask us to wear bandanna saying"I'm Jpa nerdy student". Our luggages and bags will be tied up with yellow ribbon as a mark of jpa students' property, so it'd be easier when they wanna segregate jpa's stuff and other pple's stuff..and im going by MAS plane to Jakarta and from jakarta we'll head to Bandung by bus which will take approximately 1 n a1/2 hour. We're given elaun-penempatan but jpa already prepared the houses for us to stay..So the allowance will be bonus then..Thank God..can buy household equipments with tht money.we r gonna stay in Jatinangor which is 40 minutes away from d university for unknown reason(actually she told us the reason but i didnt pay attention)..but then the elaun sara hidup is too little but they said it corresponds to the living cost n some say it's more than enough..but come on!!...u send us to Indonesia so give us something EXTRA as compensation..anyway they said that our allowance will be increased by February next year i suppose... hopefully it's true..with all the shops tht offer cheap stuff, i could lose the money hand over fist..after the briefing i asked her some questions which she has already announced and i got scolded for not paying heed to her briefing..hehe


I just created this blog..n was trying to decorate it to be interesting but neither bland nor gaudy..When my parents came back they asked me to send my younger bro to bus station as he was supposed to go back to boarding school today...As he was late already, si i just left my comp n went to send him...To my surprise when i got home, my computer was already off.. and I DIDNT REMEMBER MY USER NAME..i was all panicked and stupefied..i tried every single name that i always use but none of them was correct..So, i took a deep breath and calm my mind n put myself together and think again, and Alhamdulillah, the user name pop out from my mind n now here I am publishing another lucky

predeparture briefing

I woke up 6.30 in the morning to go to Putrajaya for the predeparture briefing...I went with my friend,Hafiz who by da way seems have upgraded his car to kembara( b4 was kancil).He came to my cousin's house to pick me up at 7.15a.m n we went there n bla..3x...I was caught by surprise once i entered the auditorium to see cik Intan was there...After all the defamation by KU*** she still had d audacity to be there talking in front of us...On top of that, her nonchalant expression made everybody beleived that the fiasco about Unpad forms was not her fault..till now that thing is jz ignored by everybody so why should i care??!!! she started the briefing with some induction on Bandung the place where I'm going to..n so far all the comments are positive and her compellingly attractive descriptions spurt the pang of enthusiasm of me...OMG!!I cant wait to go there..she said about the weather which is cold and when u r walking at noon, u wont be sweating..wait e sec..that wasnt her but my friend who's now in Bandung..Back to briefing, she said about Bandung as the base of factory outlets whick makes it as a shopping paradise especially for shopaholics like Wei Mei and Stephanie.hehe and all the goods are frigging cheap..way to be extravagant..and the food for sure is cheap but who knows whether it goes with my fussy appetite...n loadz more of stuff which are superficial to be mentioned but, nonetheless interesting and enlightening..I'm really looking forward this 22nd of August