Saturday, September 09, 2006

so-called university

I dnt know whether university lifestyle is like this but what i know is i dont like it..Im lost..dnt know what to study..dnt knw what to do...blur and confuse all the time..pple mind their own business....the lecturers cant speak english not saying that im good but at least my english is understandable...what do u think of 1 hour lecture with countable words stuttered by the who was so zestful at first....turn to be sleeepy nak mapus..what im worried here is what i heard from seniors who told me that in exam...if they couldnt understand yr answer, they could simply put "X" on it...*sigh* so u havte use simple english but how simple could it be if they could hardly recall what is "kucing" called in english...never mind..this is the first i wanna c how thing's going first then we judge them!!!!hehe


Padma the consultant for international students sucks..they cheated our money a lot..olike for our accomodation which is only 4.5 mil is charged up to 6 mil..and our KITAS for immigration which is 150usd is charged 500usd..neway even local citizens here admid tht here corruption is rampantly perpetrated..bribery, embezzlement and so forth are such common things..If u are stopped by police for no helmet or no license, jz giv them 10000rp, then u will be released.. even though all the stuff is paid by jpa, still im indignant as a jpa scholar especially when our allowance probably deducted for the overcharged accomodation...we got charged for this and that and got cheated around by vendors and transport condustors..Ya Allah tabahkan lah hatiku yg kecil ini...

Friday, September 08, 2006

OSPEC aka induction week

The dumbest thing I ever have to attend. Usually the orientation organized should be suitable with the age of the candidates but this one we’re treated like 15 years old school students..!! what the heck”!!we’re all supposed to be in formal gear-long sleeve white shirt and black pants with violet ribbon on right arm and dentist pin on left arm..and gotta wear a gigantic molar-tooth-shape name tag FRONT AND BACK!!!!! We were trying as hard as we could,, looking for any excuses not to attend that orientation…havta open bank account business with immigration la..and so on.. Some of my friends got diarrhea but alhamdulillah I didnt get but some who were not used it as an excuse.. In the orientation there are two kinds of facilitators-the damn kind ones and bloody strict ones..They, supposedly acting strict in front of us..they don’t smile at all..I wonder how they did that..even when eating breakfast also, we have to follow their ridiculous orders..5 minutes for fried rice..drink milk in 10 secs and a lot of absurd rules which made me sick of it. And they come like tentera kayangan ayah Pin..they engulf us and when they wanted to leave.. we were ordered to close our eyes and close the we opened they’d!!!so magical and amazing!!yea..rite..who knows while we’re closing our eyes, they were running off like hell(lari seperti anjing bercawat ekor) with their frowned face..and everyday we’re ggiven a bunch of nonsense tasks..but like usual, we didn’t do them..screw em..while we’re having a talk or something, they’d be guarding us to make sure we didn’t sleep or ngobrol(talking to each other) they were showing angry-headmaster face and gawking at us.I like to play with them..when they scowled at me , I stared them back right at their eyes..i dnt want to brag but I’ve been debating since I was a second former..eye contact is the basic thing of all..I won several times.hahaha..when we meet them we have to say ‘punten kang/’s like excuse me..I usually smiled as wide as I could right at their grumpy face..One of them felt like returning my’s human’s natural reaction..hahaha..when they asked us why didn’t do this n that, we jz aa!!aa!! like didn’t comprehend what the ^%$# they r saying even though we did actually..n sometimes we pretended like we construe what they asid in diff way till they gave up scolding us..Next week, the first class will start,,I can’t wait to c how it’ll go.

My arrival in Indonesia

I departed at 9 from KLIA and arrived at Suhartoe la la(dnt knw what’s the name) airport at 11a.m Malaysia time and 10.00 am Indonesia time. The airport is not bad. From the airport, we went to Bandung by bus. Actually not Bandung but Jatingangor. ‘Certain someone’ said that from Jakarta to Bandung is only 1 hour but it took about 5 and a half hours..We were all ‘capet banget’(damn exhausted) as we reached our ‘kosan’(hostel) is quite nice we got one room each and a toilet…at that night itself, we went to one of the supermarkets to buy basic equipments..shower foam, tooth paste, broom and bla bla.. the goods are not as cheap as we thought..They are about the same with malaysia’s..xcept for food which is considered cheap as I lived in shah alam before where the prices of food are exorbitantly high..