Monday, September 22, 2008

dinner at jakarta

it's just a dinner to welcome high education minister and somekind of "ramah mesra" with the students Bandung party consist of a bus-full of students had a long boring trip to jkta..that sluggish bus took around 3hours to reach there..

scenery of Jakarta

that's dayah...isnt the guy next to her a catch??..the dinner took place at Sahid Jaya Hotel..the hotel was nice and least, i thought so
half filled ballroom as most of the jakarta students have arrived yet..
bandung delegation...eceh...hahaha

Moestopo uni students...actually, Malaysian expats who work here are also invited but they werent told much bout the activities and programme..and among who sat in our table is a couple who turns out is the GM for petronas branch here and another young guy who Im not sure work as what but for sure, nothing superior than the old guy...the old guy was nice and really friendly...but the young guy, was relatively very snobbish owing to his age and profession. Gimme a break!!

he didnt even say a word to us..n he talked with the old guy in english..oppsss...rephrase"stuttered english" and said "if,if i knew this ff,function includes students, I wouldn't have come"...WTH
if u dnt like it, just straight away buzz off when u first notice there are hundres of students in front of you, not mooch off the free food and made a fuss bout the students.the event itself would have even occured if it's not for the students.he ruined the mood...Goddammit!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oral Radiology class??

For oral radiology class, apparently we have to go to Unpad campus at Sekeloa, Bandung. As this is the first time, and coincidentally in fasting month, so we planned to have a big dinner/fastbreaking at the town..

So we rented a car, went to class for 2hours and spent the rest of the day frolicking at Bandung.hehe...After a long survey covering almost the whole Bandung, we finnaly decided to have dinner at Hanamasa.

It's located at Jalan Dago and just opposite to Plaza dago.Plaza Dago is a hang out rendezvous for youngsters. It looks happening, aint it?

Hanamasa is a buffet style steamboat/barbeque style restaurant
here that offer mainly japanese food. and for only Rp85000(RM35.00), we get to savor myriad choices of food from Hors d'oeuvre, entree to dessert.

salad bar

barbeque stufffried stuff
for steamboat

me: satiated face....Hanim: ???still could smile?? Seriously, I could have vomitted coz was too full!!
On our way back, we had a detour at BSM...i've always been wanting this "mirror stickers" since I saw them at sureen's house...Unfortunately I dont have any art value in me that I couldn't arrange them sad...hopefully someone artistic would come n help me

ME putting so much effort to publish this pathetically arranged mirror stickers!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

new resolution

My results for last semester isn't reallly good and I'm very dissapointed.So here I am, just like last year came up with a new resolution which is to STUDY HARDER!!!

It is so easy to say it but when I have leisure time, study isn't really what i am doing...i'd be going out instead, or surfing internet like what i'm doing at this very moment...or just lying idly in the bed daydreaming..

One of the measures taken to make this work is I've already deleted some of my webpage accounts..the ones for meeting new people.I assumed that I don't need those.Maybe after I finished studying, I could venture in that webs again to get to know more new people.

Right now, Im very sad and unease coz some of the rumors I heard about faculty programme. I just could pray and hope that everything will be fine and as planned.

let the faculty and the responsible party work on that.

My job is to get back on track and focus..So, from now on, I'll be more hardworking..Hope my dear friends will help me enduring the hardships throughout the journey.

bday lagi

to Ira for a cute teddy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


my English is not getting better but deteriorating...I don't blame anybody but myself because lack use of it....
but I'm not entirely at fault here, I don't really have english-speaking close friends...only regular ones who i seldom talk to..
and now my spoken english is almost like, god forbid, kampung people..waaaa!!!!!

It's been 2months i rested at home without going out much with friends...
I noticed that I stutter in speaking during tutorial class..

speaking of tutorial, I had an argument with one of my classmates 'bout the learning issue that i'm accounted to do..It is so obvious that it is unnecessary but still she persisted me on doing it...and she said that the lecturer told so but i paid full heed during the tutorial(believe it or not), and i never heard a word suggesting to include that topic in the learning, what I understand was that topic is not important and irrelevant to the case..but she just played ignorant, selfish, and officious..other groups didn't do it..why must we??

ngok tol!!ni nak marah niy

bday lagi...21 years old..

This is so's a calender..thanks Sya...the duck's expression resembles wan ching though...wahahaha

the biggest gratitude to Sara.What a very thoughtful gift especially when she bought it back in Malaysia about a month ago or so. and it's quite pricey for a student...*tears of joy and removed shedding*

and this is actually the first time my birthday is celebrated...and as for gifts, this is the second time I got gifts other than last year coz my family dont really celebrate birthdays...So, all the wishes and presents kinda new to me and i have to say tht I like getting presents...wahaha...well, who doesn't...

Now I'm officially 21 years old...
I'm fully fledged to enter the clubs
i can vote for election
mmm..what else...most htings are already legit for me when i turned 18...
i once told my dad that when I turned 21, I''m off his grip and able to do things as I like...and he retorted" tengkorak kao!!"'s not like i want to do drastical still the old me=)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Virgo BOY =p

During the lab, the girls asked all of us to have a dinner together at Paparons Pizza...Im not really a fan of pizzas but the togetherness tht counts...So, since it was already nighttime and i didn't plan to stay long, took out something shabby from the rack n went out at 645pm...

we had dinner as usual till one of them excused herself n came back with these cute bear-shaped cakes...they are so cute...thanx for the cakes... I knew my birthday is not till tomorrow, that's why it took me by surprise when there was a celebration tonite..usually, they would just sing "happy bday" in class, and people wishing hppy bday and so the awkward day passed by since the not-really-close people also came n there we go with the small talk.

there were 4 of us who were born in September, me(10th),Wei may(4th), Sara(13th) and Sya(13th)I'm happy because most of my close friends are there...(from left: ira, sureen, hema, me)

and thanks for the presents....I really like the sweater..I straight away tried it on when I got home..thanks Iqa n Fiqah..suka sangat!!tahu2 jer saiz aku..of course la "S"...lalalalala

and the ratatouille keychain is cute..thanks Gee...kepada gee" aku tgk tikus gediks ni, insyaAllah aku teringatkan mu..gelagat pun lebih kurang dah"hehehe
lastly, thanks for those who made my day...and so, I called it a night...zzzzz
eh, havent read for case presentation tomorrow...Dammit!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rumah Makan Raja Melayu

yestesday,a friend of mine from Malaysia came down to Bandung to shop as Hari Raya is just aroun d the, he gave me a call and invited me for fastbreaking together..

So, he said tht we would eat at this restaurant named RM Raja Melayu.I got lost on my way there...

It's a nice place with nice ambiance..i rate the place 3/5..

it's located at Jalan Citarum, near to Jln Riau and masjid Istiqamah..