Friday, August 24, 2007

cursory flirtings*wink*

it's jz sth tht pop out from my mind........

"Most people find that cursory flirting like winking, raising eyebrow, flying kiss are normal and meaningless but most relationships are initiated by these what actually is the significance of cursory flirting???

"cursory flirtings are jz for fun..not everything has to go as far as RELATIONSHIP!!!"some pple might say.. this is TRUE but flirting is usually done to people tht we have a thing i right? this action actually is a sign to inform the other being tht we like him/her...
so, does this kind of action need a reply? depends on the can tell actually whether the flirting is meaningful or meaningless
1. the meaningful-s
mostly done by the single/lonely/horny/randy people who needs comfort/ sex/ attention/ company..
whenever they wink or smile they wait for your reaction...
if u like the person..u could jz simply reply the same thing or flirt with him/her bc n the next thing u know u r in bed with lah..jz kidding..

2. the meaningless

mostly it's done by people who r good looking or people who think they r good looking..they believe in the concept: ;if you've got it, flaunt it..they get pleasure by tetsing are they still in market?are people lusting after them? or they are jz simply giving a so-called treat to some losers aka desperado..they are having fun by giving fake hope to those losers..

they enjoy being "unattainble hottie" or so they call it..

that's why u should interprate the sign correctly...don't be so full of yourself n think every flirt bestowed upon you means they want you...

but don't be so oblivious coz u dnt know the person who winked at u might be the person destined for u!!!huhuhuhh

p/s : to people out there, it always means something when i wink at YOU!!