Sunday, August 06, 2006

Akademi Fantasia IS NOT a passing fad

Akademi Fantasia is definitely not a passing fad like claimed by some judgemental people who is totally oblivious with their surrounding where the craze about A.F is totally beyond expectation. (Perhaps bcause of the expectation is so darn low..)I myself not a very fan of A.F but I don't make some snap judgement like some pple do. It is proved, evidently, up to season 4, A.F is still full of fire...The outburst of tears, laughters could be seen when Aznil announced the winner for A.F season4, Mohd FAizal who is from Terengganu..i who is partially trganu pple is so proud of him..i envy the ability of the host, Aznil who eloquently brought the suspense vibe..i was affected too...juz a smidgen actually..anyway..people say that AF4 is the worst so far but this is the first final episode that I ever watched, so I couldnt say anything about the performance even though I'm not entirely happy..Anyhow, to upcoming Af, Im looking forward to watching better performance..see you Af in 2007!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Terengganu is blessed with the beauty of nature

SEKAYU WATERFALL is such a great place...the scenery itself is so mesmerizing and fascinating..with the naturality of its preserved green forest and the clean, cold, transperant water...not to mention the very moment when u get into the 's freaking cold..luckily we went at afternoon so it wasnt as cold as last time when i caught a cold after that...i was really relishing the fun of sekayu...especially when trying to swim against the strong current...N at the waterfall site, the torrential water battering you in nice a massage..damn rejuvenating..
I regret for not bringing camera or video-cam but it practically looks like this...

After i uploaded this pic, then i reckon sekayu is way nicer...the swimming area is spacious and deeper and with lesser moss-covered the waterfall area looks exactly like jacuzzi with the bubbles produced but i dont delete this pic as it took a long time to upload it...ANYway im gonna go once again before going to indon..with a lot more of friends(plus one to be exact) and will bring cam...I'll show you the real beautiful SEKAYU WATERFALL