Tuesday, August 26, 2008

influence of Nakatsu

Nakatsu is a guy in Hanazakari No kimitachi e, a japanese series....it's a nice n happy series...

he's very laid back n really good in posing...i tried to pose like him but fail..=(
he's the blonde guy

i look stupid, i know...*sticking out tongue*


after all the planning and argument with my dad about going to to Sekayu Waterfall, we finally made it...(the ruckus made by my dad bout not letting us go and all the drama)...

So we departed from our house early in the morning (7.30am), and my cousin who shall not be named here, showed up late AS USUAL...hahahha( konon kan tertinggal barang)
we reached there around 830am
we were the first visitor as informed by the guard...hehe

n there we were, frolicking our ass off..all my siblings were there together with my cousins

we had barbeque there....it took so long for us to set the fire tht only some of the chicken could b cooked...sigh*

the menu:nasi lemak, castard jagung, ayam bakar, rendang daging, jambu, ulaman

I was so exhausted and sleepy on the way back coz....sleepy from went to bed late the night before n got up early, exhausted from all the water activities.....i got dozed off while i was driving,my car slowly deviating to the other lane n almost banged the car coming from the other direction....fortunately, the car honked n it woke me up...phew~

ish....x puas mandi...rasa nak pergi lagi...hhhuhuhu

Friday, August 22, 2008

going out again!

but this time with cousins

we went to the sport centre at KT and played badminton and squash...none of us knew the rules...we pretty much just hit the ball to the wall and that's it..huhuh

then the others had a round of bowling...i was too tired n didnt have mood for bowling...coz to me, bowling isn't a sport...im not really a sportsman but im more into strategy game than skills..but this is contradicting with squash..mm....ada aku kisah?!

after the games tht finished at almost 12, we had supper at this place(forgot the name)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Usually I dont really like kids especially very spoiled, excessively molly-coddled kids who just want to be with his mom all the time or those who need too much attention...

but this time, it was different...his cuteness blew me away at my first sight...n he, in my frame of reference, the most friendly baby ever...he gets along with everyone...and along his stay at my house, I didnt hear him weeping not even once....but there was one time his eyes were brimmed with tears when he was too sleepy n wanted his mom....and there was also another time, he sulked, pulling long face, when he got scolded by my father for playing with coins....he's so cute at that time tht i could just eat him..

I love him so much...i'd play with him everytime I got the chance...he's very popular in the family..so, he's always occupied...plus, there is only a few babies in the family...most of us grew up to be man and women already.

his name is Mohamed..he's a fusion of iraqian and malay...and he likes to play with his "abang An"hehehe...see....

I know I dont look good in this pic, but other pics of me n him arent transfered to computer yet..taken with other cameras..Im so lazy to look for them...
and these are his sisters..hawa and maryam