Tuesday, November 25, 2008


mm...I havent finished my pedodontic lab for space maintainer, havent done radiolgy presentation and havent read for Li tmr...and now I'm chatting..hahaha

ok, now i have a teka teki for you
"dalam banyak2 pokok, pokok apa orang takut sekali?"

just my cogitation

When I read my friend's blog bout the Malaysia's fatwa concerning yoga, which considered sinful for muslims, I felt so frustrated...

now people will think that Islam is a confining religion..simply promulgating this is a sin and that is and that is...

we're living in the 21st century where I think most civilised people are at their best conscience...they would know how to differ a plain exercise and those related to worshipping or chanting..
ok, fine..maybe there are yoga in India or wherever somehow got chanting element in them, but I'm pretty sure not in Malaysia, at least not the one practised by public people, n not knowing bout it.

Things are fine they way they are...why some people having so much time to revise all this and make nonsense promulgations. The extemists sometimes ruin it for us. "Ini tak boleh, Itu x boleh"..

Don't you learn psychology? the more you restrict, the more rebellious people would be. It's human nature.

i'm not perfect enough a muslim, since I dnt comply to ALL the rules but I try my best not to do the don'ts especially that can bring harm to other people. and I think I'm better that those who self-proclaim themselves as God's crusaders and manipulate the facts for their own ends..

like this guy"S" once said that whenever there is a politic party bringing the name of Islam, we're subject to follow...and he relentlessly sticking up to his arguement tht dont hold even a drop of water ( die la..simply modifying idiom to my own satisfaction)
what the hell!
the other parties as far as I'm concerned are not against Islam nor bringing down Islam..They are fighting in terms of national policies for the better. On the contrary, that certain party is at fault for USING the name of religion, that they are in holy crusade and arbitrarily labeling people who did not follow them as "kafir".

im kind of going a lil here and there now...haha..bottom line is..If you want to practise yoga as an exercise,quoting Nike." just do it"..

Monday, November 24, 2008

rasa nak perantuk kepala sesapa kt dinding

laptop rosak, so xde update...


*bengang gile sampe malas nak tulis lam English*

Saturday, November 15, 2008

my weekend

mm...exam could be said "just over"...so I'm still on my hiatus mode..

I thought of finishing all the series and movies that hve been put on hold for exam..again, not to study but the guilt!! my 3-year-old laptop somehow now can only read only a few dvds..maybe the laser is less sensitive or..mmm...I don't know..So i think i need a TV.and Yea!!..ive got a new tv..just a normal 17inch tv,branded Mitsukoshi..my friends burst into laugh everytime i said the brand.. Damn you people!!

the next day after exam, we had a jalan2 again..and at night, we went to have our dinner at this restaurant at PUNCAK. it's a very popular place..from the top, you could see the whole view of Bandung..or so the rumors go..but we didnt go to the top..we went to this place called "COngo"..the food is nice.. I rate this place 4/5..whoever comes to Bandung has to go to this place..there is a few other restaurants like "the view", "the valley"..my friends said they are all nice...

and yesterday, me and friends went to swimming pool at BGG(we went at 10am!!!can you imagine how we're bathed with the scorching, blazing hot sunray!!but since we're there already, so we just decided to dip anyway..consequently, I'm sunburnt!!!waaaa!!!my shoulders hurt and red!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wish list in the future

When i have nothing to do, I tent to be drown into reverie of what my future life would be like...and I'm sure you do the same thing too..
Among those things that im gonna get when i can afford them and hopefully soon is a computer that none of my kindred relatives have...and that leaves only "the idea of surfing internet on the tv/plasma tv"

with the help of this device(below), it is now feasible..I'm not gonna promote this thing to you..at least not unpaid..
and a "laser mouse"..it's not like other optic mouses/mice??..

and a laser keyboard...that can project the keyboard to almost any surface..
Yes, I can already imagine..me sitting on japanese cushion behind the coffee table where the laser keyboard is projected at, and surfing internet...sigh~..when will I get a chance to bask in luxury life like this...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Am i unlucky or I'm just not lucky?

A lot of things happened today...I had to go to BAndung town to have my tooth x-rayed. when i went there, they were on a lunch break...to make it worse, since it was friday, they got 2 hours break..so I had to wait and wait till i realised I dnt have the reference letter with me. So going there would be a total moo point.
How could i forget bout it when the whole point of going to bandung was to do that!!!!I felt so stupid...But then again, it was an honest mistake coz I was in rush and had just finished asnwering 103 tricky questions of MDE paper.
actually, i could've told them which tooth to be radiographed...i'm a dentistry student for crying out loud..do we need all the formalities?..plus, my dental treatment has been delayed for 2 weeks..all because of that frigging x-ray that I couldnt do asap coz i was in the middle of exam week...and now the dentist said there is food impaction and my gum is swollen...this is just great!!

and what did he do??gimme floss!!mm...mmmm....no comment on that..

Alas, I went to the Roger's to have my legs waxed..and to make my day more eventful, they had limited tools,, so I had to wait for the customer in-serve to finish, then it'd b my turn. Apparently, my precious time is meant for waiting!!

To kill time, i went to the factory outlets store(Episode)..i didnt plan to shop but a miser I am as claimed by WC, I bought 2 items.see.. Im not really a miser...as a matter of fact, I'm not at all..im very extravagant.I bought myself a tee and a boxers.
and I did it again, I didnt bring my member card..thus no 10% discount..

So a conclusion that i could draw from it:

chief complaint: didnt get to x-ray and didnt get discount
anamnesis: didnt bring reference letter and member card
intraoral examination : swollen gums
extraoral examination : waxed legs
diagnosis: DEMENTIA
treatment: ???anyone knows??

Thursday, November 06, 2008


okay...who am i to talk about relationship..I've never been in a serious one before and dont think will be in any for the time being...not that I don't want to, but the condition and situations hampered it.

Actually, having a relationship with someone wasn't big a deal to me..Plus, looking at those couple, being with each other 24/7 made me ponder "arent they smothered?arent they bored?" with the same person again and again every time. but as time passes by, and when "biology" gets to me(huhu), I now can understand the need for a boyfriend/girllfriend.

yet, I'm happier being single, untied by anyone, free to do whatever I like, no restrictions whatsoever only if I have more friends to enjoy that with...
but now, I'm in Indonesia, lack of friends..some of which have already couple and even married. To top it off, even friends who are single and once said would stay together no matter come what may, now dishonor their words by ditching their friends for something better..scandal, perhaps?? and now you tell me, how could I not feel longing for a company?I don't think it bodes well for our friendship if they keep on like this.

and having a partner is exactly the right remedy for above...say, you were ditched by your friends, you still have the very person to go to, someone who is "devoted"to you, someone who actually enjoys being with you as so you feel bout it. And maybe it's time for you to ditch your certain friends that only later would realise that scandals are just temporary detour of your life whilst friends are for lifelong...

ive been asked a lot "do you have a girlfriend?not less asked "do you have a boyfriend?"...well..all questions are well received and none offence taken, and with decorum, a gentlemen guy that I am, would answer " I prefer finish my studies first"
...and god knows and my close friends also know that it's nothing more than a BULL SHIT!!

then what?what am I waiting for??call it cliche or classic but im waithing for the right one to appear before me. and by "right", I dont mean perfect or ideal but tolerable and as in malay saying "sedap mata memandang". Ergo, i dont simply couple up with anyone who tried to flirt with me.with them, friends, yes.flings, yes.serious long term realtionship, NO.

and answering question about long distance relationship..mm..I have very little faith in that..I might try but i wouldn't count on it..im type of guy that needs constant love (not sex). need to renew or refresh our love everytime we meet...and long distance kinda make it hard for me..and I can say I'm talking for most of my friends here...living abroad isnt exactly "fun"..especially in a developing country that you have less people that you have possibilities to be with..get what I mean?trying to be subtle here..huhuhu