Sunday, July 15, 2007

My bad!!!

it was like other normal mom asked me to send my lil sis to her boarding school at Dungun..On the way there nothing happened..after done sending her..i didnt feel like going bc home yet so i called my friend who lived nearby to ask him out..We met at petronas station n planned to go to KFC seperately..i used my car n he used his bike..on my way to kfc,it was raining quite heavily... i was driving as usual till at a traffic light junction, i realized tht i was at the wrong i tried to turn left where a line of cars just started to move as the light turned green...then i started to notice tht it was a mistake since the car in front was very my panic, i veered to right attempting to avoid the line of cars n pressed brake..but it wasn't my day, due to the rain n the slippery road,my car skidded n banged the car right in front of me..guess what!!it didn't stop there..the car tht i collided move forward n banged the car in front of it..the second car tht got banged jz went straight off,being oblivious to the crash..i hoped the first car would do the same(hahaha)...Then i went out n talked to the driver of a modified sporty kancil my surprise,it was an old lady..then we moved our car to the road side n started to talk about police report,compensations n stuff!!after a long talk n long waiting,we decided to make a police report,so that every damages incurred by me could be covered by insurance..Thank god none got the case was closed after i was fined...but my car was wrecked like needed to be towed by a kren to a workshop nearby..later at night my parents came to pick me up..what a day!!
since then, i still havent driven till today...i guess the aftermath is still there..this is my first experience of an accident..i guess it's a part n parcel of driving parents themselves have been involved in quite a number of accidents.. so sooner or later it'd happen..but the important thing is tht i learned something from the incident..