Friday, March 27, 2009

serves her right

there is this girl in my class who is just so lazy, always avoiding taking responsibilities, and even when she gets it, it's not done diligently. I hate that kind of person...

alright...I know, that's her life...let her be...but when it affects my life, I think i have the right to critisize her...
It's like, during presentation, she wasn't well prepared,always giving excuses like " I've checked in ALL the books but couldn't find it ",and the funny part was, the rest of the tutorial members found it in the book/reference given by the lecturer...hello!!which book exactly you've been SKIMMING thru to look for it......(oo, yea, throughout this rant, you have to check the keywords that are capitalised)..
other eg : her initial sentence " factor affecting it are A and B"
other tutee : What are A and B?
she : A and B are the things that influnce it...... (awkward moment)
again, everybody knows "factors affecting" means "things influencing"....what are you trying to save actually? your thick face?? don' are well known as one tongue twister!!

But today, the day finally comes, when she fnnaly got THE LECTURER that she should have gotten in the begginning, but she always lucky, I assume...

and there she was....flustered, faltered, it...I just love to see the fact, when she was sputtering whatever cock it was, I was actually sitting in my seat, enjoyingthe show with smug look on my face...what's lacking was only popcorn!!!
believe me, I almost gave standing ovation and hugged the lecturer for finaly get it even for me on whatever unsettled business, uneasy feelings that Ive beared so long...(relieve sigh~)