Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm lazy and lonely..=(

I just finished 5 or 6 papers and next week i have SOCA(find out yourself what's that)and other 3 papers...

i thought i deserved a break...So thursday i dint study and went to Jatos to blow off some steam!!
Friday morning i woke up with a little determination to study but I went to comic rent store and I was hooked there for 3 hours reading "Prince of Tennis" and "Dragon Drive"...(yes., im a comic freak..only anime and chinese kungfu america superheroes crap comics)

In the afternoon , i went to Hema's room, watched "the ugly betty" before going to jatos again to eat..and had a LITTLE chit 2 hours..little eh??..then went to send HEma back, and stuck at Ira's room for another hour..the topic is still revolving around "life and future partner"
yes..I'm single...actually i think being single is more'd post another entry about relationship ok!!dont worry..ill bore you to death with it..

when i went back to my empty room, i felt so lonely...I sometimes have "lonely-disorder" especially around exam time...I tried to read but my mind was on something's like my eyes are focussed on the paper, and im reading it but when ive finished to the last sentence, I didnt know what i was's like my brain couldnt imbibe anything ..So I started from the beginning and so it perpetuated again and again..and it took me one good hour to finally realise that it was futile to continue doing so...

So here I am, in the cyber cafe since the internet connection in my house was on off,on off,on off. and with that, my rp125,000(monthly internet fee) flying away in vain. this didnt happen only today but its been 2 weeks..ok fine..rp62,500!

I'm so pissed off..I dnt know the specific,particular reason y im pissed off but i just am...everything seemed awry lately...nothing was right..=((((((((((((((

anybody pliss cheer me up, help me, talk some sense into me, help me putting myself together...sigh~

Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Britain

Im currently addicted to this british komedy sketch "little britain"
it never fails cracking me up!!

when S first told me bout it, I was like "must be some sort of silly jokes a la MR.Bean embellished by her"
I, in the beginning was just watching for the sake of pleasing her at the moment.(you should see the efforts put by her on trying to get us to see the show) but then I JUST GOT's bloody hilarious!!

I personally like the episodes of "fat fighters and any episodes involed Margaree...MArgaree is an indian lady living in britain. but whenever she speaks, this Vicky Pollard always discriminates her n pretends that she doesnt understand what margaree says..I know it doesnt sound really funny here, so you should just watch it yourself..

Her phlegmatic expression, her over pronunciation and the scripts are all funny...
and to make it even better, u must watch it with you have something that you can do, as in impersonating her and yr friends would get it( main ajuk2).

ok la...need to take a siesta (hehe, WC would know y i laughed)...bye

i have mid term test for 2 weeks.wish me luck, amigos!!