Friday, June 27, 2008

moving to a new room

It's been around 4 months since I moved to this new place....I took the girl's area since no one stay there....but since there is a takeover by a new owner and the former blood-sucking owner has gone, a lot of people move in right away

At first, I was very concerned the fact that I was treated like a second class citizen since even though I moved first, but whenever there are girls moving in, I gotta change room n give up my room for them...Isn't it unfair??

But I thought, it's just as well, that I wanna rearrange the whole "concept" of my room, why don't I just move to a new room at the guys' area and stay there need to worry bout people moving in or out...

I was contemplating bout the new concept so long, asked a few friends bout it...then i've got this idea from a friend of having a theme color-dark brown and red for walls...I like it since my bed is red and my wardrobe is brown...

But, after another gave a lil piece of advice that I came here to study and will be staying in this new room for another year, it's better for me to just improvise what I already had...
save some money...

So, I chose a room that has colored walls...the others are all white..this is the one and only that is in sea blue color..

I noticed that my stuff are all in different I just fit them all in and will be thinking of how to make them all work and blend as a whole later after the new semester starts
my study table is LIME GREEN
my fridge is SEA BLUE
my wardrobe is TEH TARIK BROWN
my stand fan is LIGHT PINK
and my bed is RED and YELLOW

talking bout colors eh...huhuhuhu

while waiting...

while waiting for my return to malaysia, I don't know what to do...
So I had this time-killing activities that yu readers may try at home when you have abundant of time

So I joined this group of BIG TIME posers!!!
POse, pose, pose (tyra BAnks' tone)
Secondly, as a science student, u may conduct an experiment
Then we had an experiment at Sureen's house...experiment membuat "kuih seri muka"...It turned out NOT bad....hahahahahaha

n then, hang out at Es Teler and play UNO cards....till the shop close...ish2...dah xde kerja lain dah...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Msia's Top model??

God, have mercy on me, spare my eyes from this horrible sigggghhhhhht!!!!! *echo*......

drama mode: ON
Bitchy mode: ON
Mercy mode: OFF

them??Malaysia's top models??if they were considered "TOP", then what would foreigners think about others....(finger wagging, and head wobbling attitude)
Damn!! we're really giving off one BAD image of Malaysia to the world out there...

Just look at them, and I should say no more....

It's ok for civillians to look ordinary or even ugly, but for models, who represent Malaysia??It's a CRIME!!! a SIN!!!for crying out loud...

I'm outraged here, even more when I found out my cousin do drugs!!!
sabo je la~

SO mUCH Change

Rice price rises,
so does petrol price,
BN lost 5 states to alternative parties,
Tan Sri Zeti resigned from being the governor of national bank,
Mawi's popularity debilitating,
Dato mat Daud kilau claimed didnt know what "gay" means,
My cousin got married,

...A lot is happening in Malaysia...and I wasn't there to feel how it's like....I feel so left out..

I must say I don't really fancy all these changes...some were for better future but I am quite a prudent one and scared that all these might turn out bad..

I just hope that Malaysia will be peaceful and prosperous forever.....

I always thought that I left the country to study and expect to bring a certificate and serve the nation the way the others do now...but It never occurred to me, during my time later, it might not be the same...All kampung might be cluttered into industrial wastes more lawn for a house, everybody lives in apartment, no busybody neighbours, everybody mind their own business...(in a way, it's good)....*sigh*

I don't know what to say, just wait patiently, face what awaits ahead, and lets hope that it all will be good...

( so drama, i go back at least twice a year...and tell you the truth, not a slight change in my kampung pun...wait, they did open seven eleven mart there.huhuhu)

perkembangan kampung...GOSSIP!!
One of my neighbours, same age with me, became more useless than ever..

another neighbour at the back, a girl became sluttier and more gedixxx ( when she was 9y/o, during her bday party, as I was passing by, she grabbed my *****.....9 years old , people, 9 YEARS OLD!!!!

the landlady who lives in front of my house, planted pokok daun kari...we always take them..

my youngest bro wont be home when i'm back because he's in a boarding school now.

my sis already got a job in Ipoh, Perak..

My younger sis got a scholarship and going to Egypt soon...

and that's pretty much 1/10 of what's happening...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Why???Why on earth would a FRIEND pick a fight with me??xde kerja lain ker...

if u're reading this, If those were meant for jokes, I DON'T LIKE 'EM!!!

it's been several incidences, but there are 2 major ones....
there's been alterations to the conversation coz I dont really remember the exact words...but the point is still there

me: My cousin got married...I started to feel to get married too...I wonder if there is any beautiful girl would accept me the way I am....

He: You wanna get married??

me: ye..why not?but I hope she looks nice...its for the kids' genes...

he: tak payah la nak berangan....nak ada org kawin ngan kau pun mujur...nak memilih-milih plak...Ko ingat kau tu bagus sangat...berangan jer lebih

me: I just said I want someone nice...everybody chooses...and I'm sure, so do you..
x payah la kau nak berlagak mulia konon2 kau tu x memilih, hanya terima yg ada.....take your infallible divine concept with you to your own fairy land!!!!!cakap ngan kau buat sakit hati jer...

I think he's the one acting so pure that he dont look upon physical but merely heart...(if it's true, go have sex with my ex-maid tht her hair fell rotten coz she never bother untangle it for years...I dare you!!)

Second incidence.....

Just when i was happy finishing the trilogy of Shrek....suddenly out of nowhere, a chat box appeared on my screen saying "Aku bosan tgk muka kau"

me: apa masalah kau?

he: takde =)

he is impudent,pugnacious, blatantly picking a fight, .....and in the end gave me a supposedly cute emoticon and pretend it was okay....I DONT THINK SO!!!

I just don't get it...Don't you have manners??...Don;t you think you should know the person well enough before u make a stupid, offensive not-much-of-a-joke like this..KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!!!..

Friday, June 20, 2008

exam over...what comes next??

exam is over...n now I'm liberated...yay!! =)

so what to do next...i still got about ten days before my real cathartic getaway at BAli n next to MAlaysia...

1.BUild my body!!
So, I figured that I'd shape up my body since of course would be strutting around in BAli shirtless....what do you expect?
I planned to go to gym..but i wanna save some money and wanna squander it all on stupid stuff at Bali later...

I don't wanna be too buffed or meaty...i just wanna have a slim lean fit body..i know to get that is not easy...u have to lift light weights with much frequency rather than lift heavy weights a couple of times...if not you'd get one big body like Arnold Schwarzenager... n that is so NOT what I want...I prefer being skinny than being that kind of LUMP!!


So, since I'm a shy person who rather being cut into pieces than going out n jog alone, then regular exercise in my room would do...n of course good result don't come so fast...n if i try to have drastic change on my body, I'm sure there will be some drawbacks...

Then what about the ten days due period??naa...screw long effect is better than transient good that will loom shit(cellulites..NO!!!!!) later..ALl I need is confidence....just stroll this awkward looking body at the beach..huhu

2. remove all the excess hair

I've got my granpa's indian trait...So my body can be said kinda hairy...So i just wanna get rid all of those...yup...waxing is the way...It hurts but it pays off, u know..I love the smooth surface when I graze my finger thru*TUTT*TUTT*TUTT* chest la..

I also sometimes pluck my beard..coz when u shave it'll provoke it to grow plucking helps reducing it.

I was thinking of getting a haircut...but, i always want to try having long I'd just let this one grow...n later with long hair, I can have any new hairdo that i want..perhaps this kind...looks good on him..would it look great on me??we shall see...

3. get all the dental treatments

I have ulcer like i mentioned in the previous-previous subsides gradually but I need a medication to fasten the process....and I need to fill any of my teeth that got caries...
y now?? because in Indonesia, we got this panel clinic that all treatments are totally covered by my beloved better fill 'em here before going back to Malaysia..

4. Comics

This one is not a rush...It's just one of the ways to help you killing time ..There's a comic store nearby my place..(walking distance)..n to read a comic there only rp500/rm0.20 and renting it to bring back home for two days is just twice that price...THAT is one of the things I like in Indonesia...

5. room cleaning

exam really hinders me to do anything...not that I study much but "the guilt", remember i told you

So, I need to spruce it up before leaving it unattended for 2 months..would I follow ezwan's ways of cleaning floor?
I doubt so....

strange thing is, albeit my stay here in Indonesia to study but I really have nothing much related to studies..I dont even have a study table for god's book rack...nothing...and instead, I have a super-single sized bed, 3 door cupboard, a refrigerator, water dispenser, weight scale, shoe racks and perhaps some other stuff I miss mentioning...*sigh*

and my motorcycle needs a cleaning too...just gonna send it to the shop....MALAS BANGAT!!the water faucet at the outside too far away...=)*excuse*

and what else??I cant remember things I want to do will update if there is any miss...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

when money IS an issue

when I become a father, and if i'm rich...i'll give my kids a substantial amount of pocket money...teen is the time where u should enjoy..there is a lot of things that you yearn but they are limited by financial capability...

like this phone..N81

or this i-pod...

dad, if u give me these two things, i wont ask you anything anymore......*long pause* .................. this year(in a slow,drown voice)

ok, either one of 'em would be okay...

I need it coz when i travel alone, it's really boring when u have nothing to enjoy...
pengamen(street performer)???mmm....well, they wouldnt perform in the bus or streets if they have nice voice..would they?

and if I have camera phone, it'd be a lot easier to capture photos and upload it to my blog..then my blog would be more well presented.... wan ching said it's full of pics with lil' writing here and there...but I figured that would make my blog bearable...coz mine is not a brilliant piece of mind but merely prattles...right, wan ching??

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, June 16th

I just finished my SOCA...if u don't know what's that, don't bother to ask...well, I dint do so good and no so bad either..well, let's just say, i did it fine and I'm satisfied with my marks..

right after that, I went to the mall, grabbed a bite, and window shopping while waiting for the cinema to open...went for karaoke and sang a few songs....I'm still with my oldies malay sentimental songs..Kehebatan Cinta and "Rindu Bayangan"...

then we watched "kungfu Panda"..n it was FUNNY!!big time FUNNY, ok!!in each minute, there is a funny part...It's like u havent finished yr laugh on the previous joke, another joke already ensuing..

after that, I still felt like watching more movies, so Hema n i bought a couple of dvd's and watched it at her place...we watched Jack and Jill by Freddie Prince Junior...he's gotten fat....well, not fat actually, more loaded tht before, look at the x-tra baggage under the chin...whachamacallit??


but he's still as good-looking as before....but the movie is so sluggish and's just that we've watched half way, so we'd like to know how it ends...

then we watched Oxford Murder, really mind-tricking...a really heavy movie and need you to think along as the movie goes on...the protagonist trying to use logic and mathematical logarithm to solve the murders..and some other senses of philosophy and stuff too... my mind that was supposed to be at ease after exam, somehow was forced to think and made me more stressed..ish3

then we watched a movie by Ben affleck..not sure the was nice too...
So basically, today, it's all about movies..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

rental magica updates till 20th,eh??..well..blogging is one of the ways to relax yr mind..

mm...i read this manga magazine and ran into this manga which from the synopsis i read, must b very good and suit my taste..RENTAL MAGICA..

It's about a guy(Iba Itsuki) who has lost his memory of his past. He took over Astral(kind of like a magic association)after his father,who formerly reigned it, dissappeared 7 years ago..he's got this super power 'glamsight' that its origin is still vague..throughout his journey, he's accompanied by several other magicians, ghosts, shikigami, homonculus and so forth...the variety of characters would make it more intriguing i guess..

n the most important thing is plot chronology..I like to read a manga where it's still a mystery and the truth unfolds one by one...and another thing is character the hero starts off as an ordinary boy who knows not much of his potential but as story goes on, he develops new powers and gets stronger...

UNLIKE this manga ONE PIECE...I really dont understand how do people keep on reading's quite popular in spite of it's quality...i myself opine tht this story has no character development...and the story line revolves around the same's really PROLIX!!!!!..

it's always like the hero fight this villain..he's got beaten up at first..but no matter how the bad guy beat the shit out of him, based on solely "determination", he stand up and fight to the death, but of course he wouldn't die, if not the story would end....and after tht, he hit the guy only one time, and the villain straight away knocked out...what a's unfair to me in a way and unrealistic....not all mangas are realistic to begin with but at least have some senses..

and the story progresses in a way that he encounters a stronger villain in each chapter...and he just kept on fighting without any new technique learnt..borrriinngggggg~this kind of manga..i'd read to 10 episodes then ill get bored..

Monday, June 09, 2008

when it comes to exam..=(

it's really tormenting...U dont expect tht person to study the whole day non stop, but u dnt expect to see him in the mall either even tho he's actually just taking a break...

it's the compulsive need to be in your room to study even tho u'd be sleeping, roaming around yr room, nail-clipping, drown in reverie, ...going out would just make you feel guilty....I HATE THIS FEELINGS!!!!

nonetheless, it didnt stop me from going to the mall...
the guilt??? hell I care!!!!!

my ulcer still dnt show any sign to regress any soon, let alone heal...guess it'd be there till the end of exam...
yes....stress can induce ulcer....

so, i guess i wouldnt be updating my blog for quite a while...from 10th-20th of July

please dont disturb except hotties~=)

well, they somehow give this cooling, soothing effect to your mind when youre stressed out....dont you agree with me??

Saturday, June 07, 2008

in the class

we, the dentistry students are such a hyper bunch..not all of us..but mostly are...
bak kata org tua-tua "takleh duk diam2"
even in class, in lab, during lecture, or tutorial,..there is always people taking photos....

in class, paying heed.....were we??in lab...doing amalgam filling...aww...I love my job/work/doings

poyo tak??konon2 macam tema mahligai gading..
open your mouth, please....say "aaaa~"

im starting to like what we're doing coz our lab work now is germane to what we're gonna do in the future...