Wednesday, December 31, 2008 I come.

I'm putting a closure to 2008 and opening a new diary of 2009..realize it or not, another year just flew by, yet not much have i achieved during this entire year.

setting another resolution after another seems like a futile effort since last year's resolution is far than being called "achieved" this year,I'm just gonna set only 2 resolutions...

1. study harder (and not only last minute)..but too late to do it for this upcoming finalterm exam.

2. be thrifty...ive squandered a lot on unnecessary things.. I think it's time for me to take a step back and spend like a poor does.

hope I can achieve these two easy-to-say,hard-to-do things..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am charmed

I am hooked with this old "charmed"series which i kinda left hanging years ago...
I slept late at 5am, I didnt shower, I didnt do anything but watching it like i was charmed!

it's not really the new episodes coz i just found out they've reached the final episode quite some time ago..which pan out quite well to me coz I dnt like waiting for each incoming episode and most producers just stopped their series halfway when it's not lucrative no more. So I prefer one that has a solid ending.

only problem being is that exam is just around the corner.. why is it always to be in this kind of time..I only have this compluse of watching series just when exam is coming...

and my results for mid term is not really good..and i've booked ticket back to Malaysia earlier than it's supposed to be, sparing me from taking the remedials if there is any failed paper..

I know.....I know....all the more reason to not recapture all the series now and hit the books...but really i Just cant...maybe i was casted a spell..
So if someone could help me annul the spell and cast some sense into me...that would really help..

I beseech thee
the power of three
to make me study
to score paper and go back happily know what they say...just make it rhyme n you've got yourself a spell..

Lame??naaahhh...who cares

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jakarta 2

mm...i've talked bout the food, now I'll cover the places
there are several gigantic malls here that offer things that are not all available in Malaysia
since there is a lot of malls, im just gonna name out the best few
Pondok indah mall

Senayan City near to Senayan Plaza
Pacific Place...havent been there yet
Plaza Indonesia, which is very near to Grand Indonesia

the arrangements of the photos are bit askew but you get it, dont you..

then, i also went to the coolest party ive ever been..
it's a private birthday party held by the Jakarta's held at the rooftop of this glass building...
when i walked into that very pasty, I stunt in awe...the set, the people and the's just like the things we see in tv..Hollywood style.. not gonna go to the boasting part, but I'm telling you, i got to meet some of the celebrities such as Shanty, Ratu, Titi kamal, Farhan, Christian Sugiono, come my name got in??wahahaha....

Jakarta...I miss u already

A little trip to jakarta was really,really eciting..i've never this excited since my last break in Malaysia.

Yes, i went to jakarta for a few days, staying with Lan at his kosan at Bintaro. Living cost in Jakarta without a doubt exorbitantly high but every single cent i spent was all worth it..

No, I didn't really shop..coz when i went there, ive already decided to focus more on food than clothes. so I tried a whole lot of new things and some of the best that i long havent had.

Frozen yogurt at Sour Sally..the best yogurt ive ever have plain frozen yogurt with selections of toppings; fruits and biscuits..anything..just name it..
the combination of predominantly sour, sweet and salt and umami are just in right amount.

aand Kin No Taki's seafood spicy friends said it looked like maggi mee....well, despite the look, it tastes good...but not something tht i would "wow" ..
and krispy kreme know there is a level where that is it...So, I might just say, it is at par with doughnuts....Ringo's are not bad either...

and then I tried Cold Stone Creamery's ice cream; peanut butter cup perfection..the name speaks for itself..the salty creamy peanut butter blends perfectly well with the milky chocolate ice cream...such a treat to the tongue with occasional crunches of oreo, is there??not sure, but sth crunchy sure thing was in.. mm...thinking bout it already is mouth watering

and my all time favorite: secret recipe's chocolate indulgence cake..yes, an indulgence indeed into a sinfully delicous cake..

and after got back to bandung, when I was lying idly in the bed, content with all those scrumptious food i had, I suddenly aware of my WEIGHING SCALE giving me an evil look...
waaaaaaaaaaaaa.........I put on weight..

Monday, December 15, 2008

sex education??!!

i ran A LIL BIT late to class today...
I woke up early actually, Im not quite sure what made me late??mm..?? cant put my finger on it.

mm...glad to see my tutor is the lenient one..phewh~
It was quite a tricky topic coz we had a similar one last week..which is Diabetis Melitus(henceforth DM)..
I dnt know how it started but the doctor suddenly brought up about DM can cause impotence. I don't really get the mechanism either but it has something to do with Dm patients have more viscous blood that potentially will clog, so the penis is left unsupplied with bloood, thus ERECTION FAILS!! and the doctor added more bout how the capability to "do it" is really important in a man's life..A man's life is worthless if he can't "do it"..

one thing led to another, all of a sudden, we were discussing bout sex for one good hour.
he told us more about sex, lemme share some of the facts with you which some of them, you might know of already.
1. size doesnt matter. what really matters is your game. because why, the g-spot isn't too far away from the surface of the vagina, so having longer penis doesnt make a difference..
but he didn't talk much bout circumference.I peronally think it's important coz if it's too thin, then u can't really feel it...wahahahaha(evil laugh) better pudgy than slender..wahaha

2. try to venture into all kind of styles..missionary, doggy and the one I newly heard "cat stylle"...I dnt know, maybe you rub on her stomach or tickle it with whiskers till she purrs?? i can ever come up with this skeevy thought??..
p/s:I'm not a pervert!!!

3. if the girl is on top, then it's easier for her to reach climax coz she is the ACTIVE one. (quoting Tyra Bank's america's next top model theme song "you wanna be on top?!!!" ....juggling...
and for guys, he can reach climax and ejaculated and remain quiscent for another 15-30minutes, then he can come again. but for girls, she can go on and on, sustaining her orgasmic phase depending on the her super partner.

4. women usually undergo menopause around the age 45-50 but guys can get a woman pregnant even he's 80 years old. Menopause can cause loss of taste sensation, So, if your neighbours' or friends' cookings are too salty or too sweet, that means, she is throng of memories just ran by..hehe..

5. women take longer time to reach orgasm. So that's where foreplay is important. that's why we can see some guys put a lot of effort and go thru a whole lot of trouble just to make the girls happy. and it's none other than to get laid~mmm...

Actually only the main points are scientifically true..the side sory is just to make life more colorful...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jatinangor gave me the blues..=(

check out my new hairdo..I look like an idiot..
I'm actually doing you all a favor by not putting it up here.

I've already got bad feelings when i stepped my foot into that wrecked salon..
my excitement to get a new haircut suddenly turned into a nightmare when i saw the guy who was gonna do my hair..
he looked like Golemn in Lord of the ring...
when he started grazing my hair, I could already smell his smoke-stinky fingers..I cringe to the thought his stinky fingers are all over my hair..EWWWW

then Istarted giving instructions how my hair to be done..I admit my Indonesia language isnt that good but so far when I communicate with my Indo friends, they could understand...but this stylist just simply nodded even tho he didnt udnerstand what I wanted...and when he asked me in his simplified version of Indonesia language which by the way made it even harder fo me to comprehend, he actually irked me to the max. I just felt so annoyed throughout the haircutting time.

I wanted my hair to be trimmed short at the side and as for the back and the front are cut not too's supposed to be longer in the middle, so i can style it like from the side, it's mounting to the centre...get the picture?

but he cropped it tooo it looks like frigging army crew cut!!!Damn it!!I shouldn't come to that crappy salon in the first place..I should have believed my instincts..and now, no turning back!!

and I'm also worried bout my body..It's getting tummy popping, my butt's like everything went the opposite of what I confidence really plunge to the ground..Any comment will just shatter my self-exteem. I was all gloomy when I had lunch with my friends..sorry guys.I couldn't help it..for now, I just dont like myself...=(

Thursday, December 11, 2008

image of the future

I always daydream bout how my future life will be my future bachelor pad, my 2door convertible mini car, my fabulous single urban young executive know, things like that..

hey, I bet everyone does it ok..

so lemme start off with my future place to live..I think being single, apartment is the best're still young at that time, spending most of your time outside, building your career...the last thing on your mind will be mowing your lawn, worrying bout tidying up spacey double storey a condo unit sounds perfect..with a zen and minimalist of interior design touch, yr pad will be the most suitable place to soothe your mind after a hectic and frenzy day at work...

next would be cars

living in a busy urban area, horrendous traffic, small parking bays, a small yet sleek car is IT!!

imagine yourself horsing around with this....isn't it just a lady/even guy magnet?

Aston martin coupe I going too far here??hehe...hey, it's a dream..just let me be for this one, k?!

please dnt forget how you present yourself...don't be like some all those old chinese guys who are millionaires but wear wife-beaters, with shorts and slippers...If you're old and are trying to pull off "im rich but down to earth" look, then go ahead...but to me, that is not down to earth, that is just scruffy..

you dont have to wear all the designer's labels to look good....just throw on something that suits the place and time.....

work- shirt and slacks...u're young,indulge in colors...not for pants though

dinner- shirt and jeans or formal attire for formal function...I think you know better than me, im not a fashionista

malls- jeans and tee are always the safest choice

oh, and gadgets...

to complete all the above, we need chic gadgets tht in accord with yr personality.

and I think ones tht match me is round-edged, white and simple type of gadgets..

for instance for laptop...

mobile...(elegant black, solid white,metallic silver, sexy red)

but again, all these are just mere dreams, but who knows it will come true someday...amin..