Tuesday, March 27, 2007

what i've been up to lately

lately i jz don't know what to put in my blog..totally blank..then, i'vve got some ideas but i dnt have camera/photos,, so i thought plain writing isnt gonna attract any readers in spite of the fact the this page has no readers at all....however i think i shud give myself some credit n jz put whatever i want to regardless what people think of it..
so recently...i've shifted to a new house(b4 was kosan)..i live with raja n faizal...it's a house with three rooms n 2 bathrooms...n it has a magnificient kitchen..it's an open air kitchen with a small pond there...but when it rains, it's quite troublesome..
i also jz bought a new bike... Honda Supra Fit, blue silver...there is sth wrong with the plat no..it's so flimsy n not tightly fixed...so whenever i ride on uneven road, it would eminate a rattling noise...pple would know tht im coming bcoz of the sound...after almost a month i bought the bike i never watched it till it looked like an old one but after some critism tht i received fom my friends(it's gonna b rusty, pple would think less of u n blaaaa), FINALLY i washed it...it was fun though!!
i also got a dye job...the color is majibrown...i was always scared the the color was gonna come off, so i cut down my hairwashing time to 2/3 times a week n used color lock shampoo...but nw it's ok since the color doesnt fade at all...thank god!kinda amazing ,,,its like every single hair is coated with an impervious layer...some pple say i look like mix people...so whenever pple ask i said tht i got some meditteranean blood...there was one gullable girl tht totally bought it...haha...