Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kerja Kuliah Nyata (KKN) finally ended...

KKN has finally ended..honestly, I feel so sad bcoz after a month at darma Caang, I feel so attached to the villagers...

first day having chicken?only "tempe"..die!!

"dangdutan at pine forest!!!I'm sleepy as was fun though
I drink coconut water almost everyday...that's heavenly blissful

harvesting time~got backache after that

having to bathe here everyday??nonono
working hard at the farm.....(acting)

all the sweet memories wild be firmly stored and hopefully all the sad memories will be shed away in no time..i think the pictures speak a thousand words already...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I've beem tagged!!!!

1.) Have you ever been asked out?
like a lot...

2.) Where was your default picture taken?
can't u see it yourself?

3.) What's your middle name? that considered my middle name?

4.) Your current relationship status?
single...and no elaboration...

5.) Does your crush like you back?
NEVER ....i always have a crush on someone who never likes me back

6.) What is your current mood?
bored and missing my friends

7.) What color of underwear are you wearing?
mountain green...why are you interested in my underwear color?

8.) What color shirt are you wearing?
this survey is

9.) Missing something? friends....i think I mentioned it..

10.) If you could go back in time and change something, what would you do?
stay in matriculation college and not took up on JPA offer....see if that would change my future

11.) If you must be an animal for one day, what?
small flying dragonfly maybe...coz i want to fly to people's bathroom and peek..

12.) Ever had a near death experience?
quite a few,...but strangely it's all because of drowning

13.) Something you do a lot?
chatting in YM...

14.) The song stuck in your head?
istana khayalan -dewi persik and.....??

15.) Who did you copy and paste this from?
Dayah anak perempuan Ismail

16.) Name someone with the same birthday as you?
mmm....can't think of any...

17.) When was the last time you cried?
yesterday when i watched "Ant Bully", my eyes were brimmed with tears when Peanut finally gain Zoc's trust

18.) Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?
yea...during was really embarassing..i know i have a nice voice but it's still embarassing...

19.) If you could have one super power what would it be?
telekinesis...beware people...I will use my power for personal gain without hesitation.

20.) What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? in body hair....I'm obsessed with it for now

21.) What do you usually order from Starbucks?
ice blended choco chip something....

22.) What's your biggest secret?
it wouldn't b a secret if tell it here..., who made this survey??MORON!!

23.) Favorite color? maybe

24.) Do you still watch kiddie movies or tv shows?

25.) What's on your walls?
my polysterene board where i pinned my family anf friends pictures

26.) What are you?
a nice person who's taken for granted by theperson I like...sad~

27.) Do you speak any other language?
Malay language??

28.) What's your favorite smell?
elizabeth taylor- passion

29.) Describe your life in one word.

30.) Have you ever kissed in the rain?
no ..., will the kiss be more sensational if done in the rain???wait.....does in shower count?

31.) What are you thinking about right now?
where the hell is question number 32...again this survey is ting-tong

33.) What should you be doing?
hmm...i dunno...doesnt matter coz im not doing whatever i should be doing rite now and internetting instead!

34.) Who was the last person that made you upset/angry?
I dnt remember...I easily get upset and easily forget

35.) How often do u talk to God?
u mean like praying?? comment

36.) Do you like working in the yard?
with someone i enjoy being with, then yea...i Like

37.) If you could have any last name in the world, what would you want?

38.) Do you act differently around the person you like?
huhuhu....sadly yes...I act like an idiot...

39.) What is your natural hair color?
dark brown

40.) Who was the last person to make you cry?
Faizal....he's such an ass!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the inconvenient truth

Everytime I see a couple, be it old or young, good looking or okay lookin' (hehe), my heart is swollen with emotions...colorful emotions...
I'm golden to see that there is a true couple..and hoping that my turn would be soon

I'm green with jealousy to see that he/she already found someone....and they look so happy together that everything around them is just a blurry background image...

I'm blue when I look at myself and I realise that I'm 22 and Im still alone, with no one by my side..(friends not included in this context)

but, after I looked back, and meticulously analysed, I find that maybe I like being alone after all...
When I get the company, I usually feel smothered, suffocated, cannot act like myself, and the worst of all, have to accept people for their weaknesses..and that's just totally opposite than what I'm doing all this while...

and without realising this very fact, Ive wasted most of my college and uni years looking for the right person when the truth is, there is no right person for least not for now, coz i'm not ready to be tied up, to devote nor to commit....
and that explains no matter how many times i tried, with different characters of people, the result is still the same = UNMATCHED

Another possibility is that maybe I've been alone practically my whole life, I was sent to boarding school since i was in form 1 and there, I don't mix venturing into a serious, commited relationship is rather scary and I always doubt myself as one-person guy coz 2 of my uncles married twice and my grandpa married thrice..and people say, it's in the blood....
Or maybe again, this is just a whole lot of crap i make up to justify my cowardly act to try a new thing: berkekasih

So, maybe I should try a different method's a bit unorthodox but who give a damn at this era...have a lot of scandals and enjoy life while I'm still young...there is a lot of fish in the's a shame if we keep releasing the fish that we caught just because they re not what we're aiming for...

So, now I'm telling myself....stop looking for the one....just enjoy my life as much as possible with myfabulous friends..and I believe, the one will tag along if I'm meant to have one...

Friday, March 27, 2009

serves her right

there is this girl in my class who is just so lazy, always avoiding taking responsibilities, and even when she gets it, it's not done diligently. I hate that kind of person...

alright...I know, that's her life...let her be...but when it affects my life, I think i have the right to critisize her...
It's like, during presentation, she wasn't well prepared,always giving excuses like " I've checked in ALL the books but couldn't find it ",and the funny part was, the rest of the tutorial members found it in the book/reference given by the lecturer...hello!!which book exactly you've been SKIMMING thru to look for it......(oo, yea, throughout this rant, you have to check the keywords that are capitalised)..
other eg : her initial sentence " factor affecting it are A and B"
other tutee : What are A and B?
she : A and B are the things that influnce it...... (awkward moment)
again, everybody knows "factors affecting" means "things influencing"....what are you trying to save actually? your thick face?? don' are well known as one tongue twister!!

But today, the day finally comes, when she fnnaly got THE LECTURER that she should have gotten in the begginning, but she always lucky, I assume...

and there she was....flustered, faltered, it...I just love to see the fact, when she was sputtering whatever cock it was, I was actually sitting in my seat, enjoyingthe show with smug look on my face...what's lacking was only popcorn!!!
believe me, I almost gave standing ovation and hugged the lecturer for finaly get it even for me on whatever unsettled business, uneasy feelings that Ive beared so long...(relieve sigh~)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

not a good start

with determination and a whole new hope for myself, i embarked on the journey of this new semester that brings upon 4 science subjects, 4 kidding.4 LABS, and 2 BHBP..~sigh~

but I tried to be positive, if the seniors could do it, so could we...
but after 2 labs of orthodontic and prosthodontic which both involved taking impressions, I failed..I sucked big time....if I kept counting, I probably had done it more than ten times already and none was accepted.'s not the end of the world..I know im gonna make thru this..

just that, it's gonna be one hell of a busy I won't be blogging much..=(

Sunday, February 01, 2009


This is simply beautiful. I like the simple and sleek design. SonyVaio has outdone themselves today....but this baby is not released yet..
I usually see the desgin first...the specs and feats come in second....
Nonethelss, they are equally important.. It's just that most laptops offer the same things, so the design actually become the decisive point.
However,this one is very good enough
Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 Processor (2GHz, 2MB Cache, 800MHz FSB).
It adopts the standard Intel X3100 graphics, and a 200GB hard drives, along with the usual ExpressCard and memory card slots.
hmmm...another dream

Saturday, January 31, 2009

AJL and the boys

I'm not really a big fan of AJL but any function that gives me chance to dress up good and socialize, then I'm in for it..

I've been called narcissistic so many times up to the point it sounds nothing but a compliment to me...ergo, you will be seeing a lot of my photos in this suck it.
I'm too shy and too proud to actually degrade and humiliate myself and snap photos with celebrities,
Plus my fav artists aren't there, so there is really no need for self-inflicted embarrassment by camwhoring with the celebs...

Im not a good singer myself but judgement from the "orang biasa" is also important as we're the biggest potential buyers, not the ten pretty judges that passsed comments and did not but any of the singer's album.

these were the awards and the winners

the best vocal- Faizal tahir-sampai syurga>>>he's good but i think aizat is good as well or even better but owkayyylaaaaa

the best performance-faizal tahir-sampai syurga>>>mm..he brought a new concept and it was interesting but i failed to correlate the situation with the song...and I asked a few viewers and they didnt fathom either the connection between measuring up yr clothes and "sampai syura(till heaven) I didnt think he deserved to win..

the best song overall- Meet Uncle Hussein (MUH)
>>>mm...their song was nice and the performance was good but so were the others...So the only reason that I could think of, why exactly the merits tipped on them is simply because of the very typical trend there is in Malaysia..--if you're humble, you can go far

Malaysians tend to like those celebs that are down to earth, come from the rural area, and not seem to be affected by the "glam and havoc" life of the urban if you get to be on tv, and you play your cards right, then voila!!you can be like Mawi~

I'm just speaking my mind if you don't agree, please write it in YOUR blog..=)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Am I lagged ?

I feel maybe coz of my friends mostly are working and some of them are actually the same age with me, yet started working already, it makes me feel so lagged in term of career..

I know health science field courses like medicine, dentistry or pharmacy are time consuming but paying off in the future...even so, I still feel bad especially when they started discussing bout investing on properties, juggling three jobs at a time, money, travels..all these feel like still far ahead of me..*sobbing*how I wish to live that kind of life..(yeah, the hectic, frantic frenzy life, believe it or not, I kinda like it)

and here I am still daydreaming bout all those....and my recent dream is about condo layout...
It's been bugging my mind for a while now, however, I still have a vague image how my future bach-pad will be like...

here's just an illustration

I figured i'll be living alone, so I don't need too many bedrooms...two will be sufficient
and I don't need a spacious kitchen since, if I live alone, I won't be cooking much
but, I really want a big bathroom...and the bathtub..(mmm....~)..hopefully there is big shower too
I don't like the idea of dining table in the middle of the walkway, better not have..I can just eat on the couch or I take down the kitchen wall and replace with a little counter...but again, that's the walkway....

okay, I won't be renting this kind of apartment coz on second thought it's so cacat ...but so lazy to find a new one
I've found quite interesting few on my first search, but didnt think of publishing them..

What I have in mind is super better than this, I don't wanna say now coz let's not spoil the surprise...but everytime I think about it, I will smile to myself...=)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

laughter is the best medicine

I came across this in the net...Japanese twisted names

01. Yang pemarah - KEiJI CACIMAKI
02. Yang suka berjimat - SAYORI SUKAMURA
03. Yang bisu - KIETA TADASORA
04. Yang suka makan nasi - NANACHi KASIBANYA
05. Yang suka layan blues - APO NADIKATO
06. Yang suka belajar - ASHIKO ULANGKAJI
07. Yang kerap bikin kacau - WAKASI HURUHARA
08. Yang sangat kedekut - MATIMATI TAMOKASI
09. Yang suka sangat tidur - ICHIBAN TIDOMATI
10.Yang suka mengintai - HINTAI AKOSUKA
12. Yang kena tinggal bini - SUSAHATI BINILARI
13. Yang suka merempit - SAJA CARIMATI
15. Yang Lembab - AYUMI SIPUTBABI

If the owner who originally posted this is reading....sorry ya taking without permission..
I'm just thinking this humor worth sharing...hihihi