Tuesday, April 29, 2008

eat less rice??

rice price rises, eat less rice???

*long pause*

I couldn't stomach this....
this phrase comes from a minister that all civilians entrusted their faith to manage town/state development planning..I AM SHOCKED!!!literally jumped out of my skin when i first heard about this..

come on!!u cant simply do the math like that...there is too many things involved here...actually, i don't care much about the price rising, but to comment on that as such shows how insensitive and ignorant of you about civil problem..not to mention that you are supposedly come up with solutions to overcome this very problem..people selected you to be amenable not to pass some not-so-witty remarks...

ish....sighing in disappointment~

Monday, April 28, 2008

peeling current issues???what's that??

peeling current issues means mengupas isu semasa..wakaka...yea..i like to english up malay words...u got a problem with that??

I think i ramble a lot than talking bout current issues..it's not that i dont want to but, hey, u can get that from newspaper..what is it for...if I cast all the issues, then who's gonna read newspapers or see news on tv...of course i impart the news way better than those geeks...duhh..

but lately, i think its a tad necessary for me to do some analysis on current issues and re-publish them in my point of view....mmm..

ok, next time I'll find some issues to discuss or debate,,mmm...

I cannot wait for..

yeay!!...exam is over..for now at least...im not really sure about them...i answered them quite ok but answering is just one part of it, answering correctly is another matter..huhu...like Sara always said " farhan kan slalu overconfident"wahaha...

lets bygone be bygone...haha..now I cant wait for my friend to come from msia ..he said he's gonna stay here for approx 3 weeks...yeay...finally got a guy friend that i can do activities with...no offence to my girlfriends...you are all fun to be with but how can i shop with girls?? u'll be in lady's area n i??, alone in the guys area...esp when u're shopping for lingerie..wahaha..it's not like u're gonna let me see u put them on n judge...=)

Ive already done my monthly budget since i think i need to limit my expense for BAli trip...
cant wait for that too...
rent, internet, electric bills, books and photocopy, debts, laundry, regular shopping, groceries, EAT!!

can't wait for final test to over
cant wait for year break
cant wait for starting third year
cant wait to have a beloved someone
cant wait to love and be loved..wahahahaha

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lemme sleep~zzz

here i am, waking up so early at friggin' 5.45am on sunday morning??!!!
I slept at 1++ sth last nite due to incessant ranting on this Neanderthal i posted in previous post to my beloved friends....
n this morning, while i was sleeping so peacefully like the baby of an angel (ahaks), someone knocked on my door. I was wondering what kind of urgency that disturb my precious quality sleep....n there they were, two of them, asking for 'torchlight'????...they really get under my skin..im not really a morning person!!leave me alone!!

but with a fake smirk, n sleepy cute face(wahahaha), i went to look for my torchlight n gave it to them, so they can buzz off....n now i CANT get back to sleep!!!*sigh*

so now im getting ready to go to PAUN(pasar unpad to eat lavishly since yesterday, I forgot my lunch and only had biscuits for dinner..(lalalala)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

furious and perplexed!!!!

my conversation with a neanderthal!!
so it started..
me: its been a while...huhu...are u back or still at .....mmm...US??isnt it??
mat motor: I'm still here sweet boy. (Boston). If you want to see photos I've taken ,go to http://tukangpaip.com quite nice sceneries. 26 Apr 2008, 21:08
me: tukang taip la, mat motor la...macam2 la dia niy...wahahahahaalright, ill check out them soon..so how ya doing??? 26 Apr 2008, 21:12
me: same photos with the ones u put up here...=) 26 Apr 2008, 21:57
Matmotor321: Yah.. 26 Apr 2008, 22:14
Matmotor321: good.

cut the idiotic jokes.
me: what idiotic jokes??
Matmotor321: Dude. You're cute and all.

I'll give you credit for that.

But I don't see the value in talking further with you based on your IQ level.
me: y out of the blue??

u didnt even tell me my alleged 'idiotic jokes'

n yup maybe i didnt come up with more serious, solemn, intelectual and cerebal topics to talk about...so why didnt YOU come up with something...

if u dnt wanna talk witn me any further...its fine..just say u're not interested...dont giv LAME excuses to end this..

so immature...

......end of conversation....
people...please and please give me some perspectives about this which in the beginning was a casual conversation but in the end, took a twist to a bitchy repartee...wait...these arent repartees..more of a brusque to me...

why on earth some people out of the blue being so insolent...audaciously rude to me

who is he to question my IQ level...do i need to list my academic achievements so far...and if we are in proffesional's field, do we need to ramble on it every day??
is a conversation about current politic issues or global economy is sufficiently interesting to you...
or we need to go more academia??
what about mandibular prognathism??prevalence of cleft palate or lips..or plegia???do these topics live up to your IQ standard??!!

please...you yourself arent that IQ-ly interesting...u talked bout...wait..you BRAGGED about u went to US, n lived there for few years before, so going there is such a boring thing....u posted yr pics with some expensive-looking sports car....Are all of these supposed to sound so intelectual to me???F%^K YOU!!

I'm purely making friends here...if u think we arent in the same wavelength, kindly say it out clear... have the balls....but to make a very CORNY excuse to end this friendship...seriously...this is more childish than the games i played this afternoon

n i think it works best for both of us that our friendship is now officially effectively ruined!!!bye~.

p/s: no grief for you tough

Hari sukan..childishly fun

for HAri sukan, the medicine faculty are divided according to batches whilst for dentistry students, we have to combine all batches including pharmacy students to build teams..there is very few of us especially guys...

got several activities and I participated in some of them, which are memasak, galah panjang and bola tampar

for memasak, three of us in a team..me, syaz n liyana..the organizer provided limited ingredients and we have to use our creativity to come up with brilliant ideas of recipes..
to my surprise, they gave us maggi, eggs, and sardin..so we decided to make maggi goreng, sandwiches and sardin rolls...contestants are judged from their creativity, teamwork, decorations and the cooking itself..

we won the first place!!!!...however, our ornate garnish was commented very ordinary...*sigh*

then for 'galah panjang', we lost terribly..our team consisted of small, short,cute boys whreas other teams were gigantic..when they extend their hands, they already cover most of the room,, there is not even a slit for us to get thru..crazy!!!marks are solely based on points earned by team..there is no creativity or teamwork merits...so we lost..wahahaha

Thursday, April 24, 2008

well spent holidays

last semester i made a few 'fabulous' and happening friends...even though we just meet for few days but i think we clicked...everybody has their own characteristics but somehow we blend in perfectly... the chemistry feels right...
here we are...
at the pavillion...the content of that paper bag is extremely brutal to be disclosed...epul macho sial!

AJL 2007...we were at the press area ..wahaha...afiq very toyeeeee!!
I'd consider ourselves as a very candor group...everybody deprecates each other casually but no one is offended or what..

udin... english best debater HKSBP 2004...bitch!!!hahahahah

so my unplanned stay at shah alam for more or less a week was totally worth it...we went to a concert, we went shopping together, pigging out together...it was fun..now i miss them so much..hope we'll meet again soon....

alamak!!gambar dino tiada...sorry..=)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

moments that we went thru together

i just realised that ive missed so many things...not tht i wasnt at the place but i didnt capture the moments that we had together...so hereby, i attach several photos that i just took from 'abu'...he had this whole collection of almost every event that we had...so impressive..would like to do that but no camera...=(

at a quiscent volcano-ciwedey(kawah putih)

behind got a small boiling pool...people cook eggs in that pool

me, syaz n syed

with jacqueline and indira....
formerly a crater....

soaking our feet in that muddy sulphuric pool...its good for skin...

smokey boiling water....

n then our potluck fast breaking....
jagjit interframe
sureen mata bulat...everybody looking at god knows where
FKG bachelors.......kah???
john likes to lie down so much

during physiology lab...
Ira eagerly 'doing' liteng.....hahaha...doing artificial respiration i mean...wahahaha..me at the side..
john n jagjit as patients...obedient patients

che' tun dihimpap oleh syaz....berat tak???

there are during last semesters....
after this,i think ill start updating each activity in detail...

Monday, April 21, 2008

I am content

Have you ever done something that you are really satisfied with...??or u r not sure u're satisfied or not or content with what u've done...and u need people's approval to know it??
well, i Have for several times but for this time I wasnt really sure bout it... i was supposed to perform for Malam Seri Budaya which is somekind of an annual grand dinner..

this year's theme was 'eastern masquerade'...and i was involved in opening performance..I wasnt really sure whether it was good or what but positive responses that i got throughout the nite speaking for itself..hehehe(bragging eh?huhu...)

the opening performance...(phantom of the opera)

I was also involved in joget melayu...somehow the video was corrupted due to virus...substantial gratitude to certain someone..=(

will upload photos soon...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Farhan to the rescue!!!to salvage you from the boredom

if u're bored, this is the time to get a pet....dont u like to be accompanied by a fury,tiny,soft,sweet and cute lil critter that would pur/meow/chirp at u when it needs u...what about it's big cute eyes when its hungry and needs something from you...
or u could use it as an emotional relieve agent...something soft n fury to pound on or kick when u're mad n stressed...
come on people..isnt this the right time ever to gett a pet...
i know why people frown upon getting a pet.. what about the high maintainence and it its excessive needy attitude and the worst part...'the dunk'....
but dont worry,people..i here have come to the rescue with a solution to this problem


inspite all the fun than u can have, u need not to worry bout keeping it up and about...who cares if it dies, uve got a plenty to assign as yr new pet...so what are u waiting for??
(they really should pay me for this promotion)

i myself have adopted a new pet...its name is Nyah kuning...long story how i came up with that name...n yes..it's male...look at it...isnt it cute??

craving of the month

lately im always craving for malaysian food..Ive shifted to a new place where cooking is nearly impossible for me to do here...so ive no choice but eat out..and consequently, i had typhoid fever...

i want real food....yesss...to me only malaysian food is real food...

these are some of my favorites...mouth watering,original recipe of malaysian cuisine

we have pulut kuning,
rendang ayam...the pic doesnt look really tempting..but so far i like my family's recipe of rendang.my grandma would say 'mencotok' which in Rawa means hot/pedas..
pulut sotong..i prefer it stewed in coconut milk with some other spices..
kuih seri muka...a perfect sweet dessert after having spicy food

alltime favorite...kuih ketayap/gulung...yum
I'm salivating here...


after I finshed watching heroes season 2 quite long time ago, Ive got this new perspective of all this heroic thing.. its all about how does it feel to be one of the gifted few, what to do when u are extraordinary, n when u are ordinary and the most questionable ponder, that is what's the biggest super power!…before I go on, Heroes series is getting draggish!!stop watching it..

Im not gonna bore u with all these unimportant questions since it isnt real to begin with..ill juz get right to the ultimate ponder that is the biggest super power of all..It is "The Power of Persuasion"..

from my point of view, almost all the villains be so powerful not because they have great super powers, but from their ability of persuading people, talking them into doing as they want..

Starting with Linderman who manipulated Bennet by putting his family on line,how a person can get carried away from his rational thinking when it comes to family! and Bob gets DR. suresh on his side by playing with his sense of humanity of which to choose: to save one person or sacrifice that one to save thousands!! And how Peter Petrelli who's believed is the hero of all heroes in this series was tricked and resulted in helping Adam(one of the villains) get the virus to wipe out the entire human beings..It all adds up that persuasion indeed is the biggest power of all..

And as for the ideal world "eutopia/neotopia"…there is no such thing..believe me..there is no excuse that permits one to take a life of another..sometimes when people too obsessed with their dreams, they r prone to get carried away and somehow ends up being in the dark path!!I happen to watch several animes that also have similarities in story plots how seeking the ultimate power needs sacrifices in order to create a better world and in the end hero wins and the villains wound up to an endless penitence,better yet DIE..its all the same story line but with different charecters and probs...so boring....come on, people...come up with something new..amaze me...(waiting..)

ugly but real or nice but fake???

which one do you prefer?? this thought hit my mind off a scenario that happened in the class today...when this who-shall-not-be-named passed a disdainful mockery of my neck...dnt ask me what it is...
I find myself ordinary, not so good looking but not ugly either..I have my good time n my bad time..sometimes i appear good, well-groomed, garbed in iron,wrinkle-free shirt and no so shabby but there is times where appearance dont really matter to me..but one thing for sure, i am always genuine me..

I dnt see the purpose of showing off nip-and-tuck face and body and undermining other people who are less fortunate in look department than they are. as i see it, surgery intervention for better appearance is just to help your self-esttem and confidence level, it helps some people to blend in this judgmental society...but to degrade yourself by undermining the less fortunate people, being so ostentatious of what u , i'd say 'repaired'....that is so demeaning...

why so boastful about your unauthentic wrinkle-less face, fake pumped up breasts, and faux injected immaculate skin....yea...u look good, then what??its not that ure born like that but u're fabricated..in other words, the ugliest duckling could be changed into a beatiful swan if it have money to go for the surgery...for that matter of course...

so, bear in mind that u should just be grateful that people nowadays don't really mind about plastic surgery..there is no need to go around n tell people about what uve done..it makes u look un-original

genuine me..hehe..not bad eh...wahahahahahah

Thursday, April 17, 2008

An OK class trip

its been a while since i last posted something in here...well, now ive already installed a new internet line to my room, i guess i'd spend more time with my computer..

ok, back to my topic...my class organized a trip to Pangandaran...it was known as one the best beaches in bandung-jakarta area if im not mistaken...my geography sucks...

anyway, as one of the beach lovers, i anticipated this trip could be one of my cathartic getaways from all the study stress (lie,I didnt study much..wahaha) but for all its worth, it should be fun and joyful since its a 'trip'...after all the convincing explanation by the tour guide n the trip planner about places we r gonna visit n activities that can be done, i am as hyper as a kid offered a basket of candy...

actualy this trip was quite long ago, but only now i got the opportunity to tell you about it, so i dnt really remember the details of it..but in short, of all 4 places that we went only two was okay,..im not saying good or great but 'okay'..
the first one is the Pantai Karas....the water level is very shallow even though we've already gone deeper to the middle...n the waves are moderate in size...my friends really enjoyed it but me whos living in trganu, im not easily enthused by a mere moderate-wave,salty,windy beach...it takes more than that to please me..so i rate that pantai with 4 stars out of 10.

then we went to Batu Hiu(Hiu means shark).. well...again nothing much there...the waves are too big to the point where it could kill u...so we only snap photos there..which by the way I dnt see the purpose of going to that place since why travel thousand miles juz to take photos near trees that u can find at yr hometown's park?? nonetheless, i took a few pics there too...hahahahha....not my camera..my friends were pestering me to join the photo...so i was really lazy to argue...

next we went to Green Canyon...it looked like a swamp but as we went deeper using boat it was more like a river...the water running very fast, so we thought that the boat wouldnt go any further...and i was right to that point till we were asked to leave the boat n go further by swimming and of course under supervision..it was really adventurous especially the part where we had to grab the lateral walls of stone n push ourself forward to go further...n in the middle of the way, one my hand was cramped...i had to rest it in the water first before continuing my adventure...then we reached at the spot where we could not go deeper since the current was really strong..
there was somekind of a floating stone..its attached to the stone walls but it looked like it floating...it was like 5 metres above water level...we were all challenged by the supervisors to try to jump from that stone down...I was thrilled at first n couldnt help myself from being the most enthused person to invite more pple to do it...but when i was up there i was really scared...I almost bailed at last minute but after seing one of my girlfriends did it, i just had to do it....it was really fun n so far the highest level i ever jumped from...hehee

god, i have to cut this short coz got another work to do later....the last place was pangandaran which was supposed to be the most exhilarating place.however, it offers nothing but a great disappointment to me and most of my friends...the sea water was dirty, not so many water activities..we all just spent most of the time in thehotel playing pingpong/cards/swimming in the pool n etc...*sigh*...so basically to anyone whos looking for places for vacation, pangandaran is definitely not one of them...