Wednesday, February 18, 2009

not a good start

with determination and a whole new hope for myself, i embarked on the journey of this new semester that brings upon 4 science subjects, 4 kidding.4 LABS, and 2 BHBP..~sigh~

but I tried to be positive, if the seniors could do it, so could we...
but after 2 labs of orthodontic and prosthodontic which both involved taking impressions, I failed..I sucked big time....if I kept counting, I probably had done it more than ten times already and none was accepted.'s not the end of the world..I know im gonna make thru this..

just that, it's gonna be one hell of a busy I won't be blogging much..=(

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wanching said...

I agree! Determination been knocking on walls. Ego is bruised. Sigh~ Here comes another semester. And who's the one in the poll who like Prostho lab?? O_o Mungkin kah??